View Full Version : Newbie questions about Batman and Steam

29th Nov 2009, 01:54
I'm curious, do I have to buy the game on Steam in order to be able to use it with Steam? If I buy of the shelf, will I be able to install/update through Steam like my other Steam games? How does using Steam affect GFWL? I don't know much about GFWL either actually... it looked awfully annoying on my friend's PC. I got L4D off the shelf a year ago, and was able to tie that into Steam, but L4D was a ... Steam-y game to begin with, and I'm not sure B:AA fits in the same category (and I'm not even sure you or I know what I'm talking about ;) ).

29th Nov 2009, 02:11
I believe you'll still need g4wl to play the game with steam, as annoying as that may be.
You can always add non steam games to steam, but if you get the game from anywhere but steam, I'd use the update from one of the sticky threads in this forum.