View Full Version : Missing kuji spells

28th Nov 2009, 23:02
I have completed the game three times and each time I am missing two spells.
I am just wonerdring what they are? I am playing them on the DS.

I have the animal, fireball, ghost spell, missing one, shield, tornado, missing one, kuji disruptor and last but not least meteor.
These spells that I am missing, could someone give me a clue?
Thank you very much.

29th Nov 2009, 03:49
Anyone , please just a little help .

13th Dec 2009, 03:02
swamp_donkey, I also play on the DS and I don't have my DS so I can't check. But as soon as I know what it is I'll post another reply. By the way, I saw that you've finished the game three times. How do I beat the "Living Tower" on ch.6?

31st Dec 2009, 20:02
i think ur missing the bush one and the ice one cant remember the other one