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27th Nov 2009, 17:44
You guys know the group that is run by Victoria (we want a new LOK Game).
I just read the latest update, and it still seems that we are no further forward really.
I know it takes time, but that's not what i want to ask.

Negative posts on the wall are being deleted because... well they're negative. Surely, if ppl's opinions matter then, those posts should stay on the wall... shouldn't they? We obviously support the making of a new LOK game, or else we wouldn't be signed up, so what does it matter if there are negative posts if a sequel happens, then those ppl will be proved wrong.
I just don't understand why those posts are being deleted.


27th Nov 2009, 22:23
it seems you are being manipulated on every turn...

28th Nov 2009, 21:47
Funny... I'm thinking that too.

29th Nov 2009, 14:39
Well, regardless, it's not hurting anything to have an LoK group there with tons of members. I think that's the positive one can take from it all. Ok, maybe not tons, but it's up to 309, so that's not bad. However, let's just take everything else with a grain of salt, as it were. :)

30th Nov 2009, 02:52
Yes, what he said... with SALT... ;)