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2nd Mar 2014, 04:09
I'm not sure if you have gotten a suggestion that has to do with this topic (didn't find one when I was searching around in the forums ) , but a lot of players seem to go "AFK" or "ALT TAB OUT" during the "waiting for more players" time phase , there is no problem doing that but when you alt out or just simply walk away from your PC ,it's pretty hard to figure out when the room is full and about to start, and that is where the problem comes in , they go afk too long and the match starts and they either don't return until the first-round or even until the entire match is over , and that kinda ruins it for the rest of his team , I would like to suggest a "no movement timer ( I have no idea what that is really called ) " but it removes you automatically from the match so there is a chance for another player who is not AFK , to be able to join . I'm sorry i type too long , but I hope there someway or somehow to fix this , thank you .

2nd Mar 2014, 04:53
Hey, a big part of this is (at least as an alpha player) is you could still hear the drums when the match countdown went while alt-tabbed out. Hence I've missed the first bit of a match myself. I know there was a thread somewhere on here about reports and vote-kicking and the idea of an afk timer was brought up, I don't know where it went though

2nd Mar 2014, 05:31
Sorry i wasn't in AB(Alpha Beta) , I don't know the difference between now and then , but we do need something to get rid of the AFK players during a match , I'f they decide to do a vote-kick , it should be during the match only , I used to play DWO( Dynasty Warriors Online En server , it got closed a couple weeks ago ) but they had it that you could kick in battle prep , and that is just not nice at all , since want to be pro players would kick a lot of new players from joining and not giving them a chance to play

2nd Mar 2014, 05:53
An "AFK timer" is a great idea - being short a player in Nosgoth is brutal.

In addition, may I suggest a debuff similar to WoW's "deserter" tag being applied to people removed due to inactivity, or those who leave a match early. The debuff could significantly reduce XP gains for a duration. DOTA also uses an in-game penalty to discourage people from bailing on matches early, and it seems to work well; most players stick around to the end, even if they're losing.

6th Mar 2014, 04:56
Yeah , but some people , including myself , sometimes we actually have to leave because of an emergency or something that comes up , that you need to leave the game , the matches take a while , they don't end fast , no matter how noob the enemy might be.

6th Mar 2014, 04:57
AFK timer would be awesome and enough.

6th Mar 2014, 09:41
AFK timer would be awesome and enough.

Yes this would indeed be nice - if a player is AFK for 1 min or so they automatically get booted from the match - at least then you have the possiblity of someone else joining who will contribute to the team. :D

6th Mar 2014, 11:53
CS GO has it that if a user is disconnected by external cause (game crash, net crash, etc), he still has like 2mins to rejoin before somebody else will take place. Not sure if it´s a good idea for Nosgoth, but would be nice for when your friends crash and want to get back but can´t since somebody else joins the match immediately.

6th Mar 2014, 12:16
With still being in beta, wouldn't QA be affected by an automatic or vote kick? I'm not all that familiar with programming, so maybe that could be accounted for. I agree that the people AFK during a match should be addressed though.

I would really like to see a team that is down get a buff or something to deal with the quitters as well. I've been in many games where somebody will quit, and in the time it takes another to join we've been torn apart. Maybe a health/damage increase or faster cooldown based on the amount of players.