View Full Version : The Two Titans...

27th Nov 2009, 03:22

I have reached that part of the game. I had my hands full with Bane,
now how do I handle two of them?


27th Nov 2009, 10:11
Just try to hit the first one with the second one ;)

When one of the Titans charges, throw your batarang at him (quick launch, A) then wait for the second one. When the second Titan charges, throw your batarang, dodge him and hit him 3-4 times (after a few hits he will recover and try to hit you).

Repeat the process until one of the Titans knees. Then hit him several times so that Batman jumps on him - you can now use the Titan to fight Joker's thugs and the other Titan... only for a few seconds though.

Good luck!

27th Nov 2009, 11:19
just make sure you can see them both at all times

27th Nov 2009, 16:42
... and if you don't, keep in mind that they always roar before charging - if you hear them, run!
(you won't hear them when they'll throw a body at you though)

27th Nov 2009, 22:42

I just did it. I BARELY did, but I made it through...

Interesting scenes follow in the story. I won't give anything
away but it's nice.

Anyway, I made it through. On to the next...


7th Dec 2009, 04:15
Best way to avoid them when they're charging isn't just running away...it's easier to evade dive out of the way.

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