View Full Version : Coop glitch in Kane and Lynch 1?

24th Nov 2009, 16:30
Anyone else find it completely impossible to get past that part where your daughter is in the courtyard and you have to shoot the landmine off to the right then run behind a pillar, kill the enemies, then escape?

I have tried this at least a hundred times in coop (me playing as Kane) and it is impossible to do. I shoot the mine and before I can even get halfway to a pillar I am shot dead. I believe I am playing on easy or normal, definitely not hard.

So is this some sort of coop glitch?

Or does my coop partner just suck that bad? (perhaps i am just that terrible?)

I don't see how it could be anything but a coop glitch as it is not very difficult to turn around and haul butt to get behind a pillar but for some reason I never make it even close. i cant even make it to the pillar right by the mine. i get about two steps, and im dead

I have watched others do this on Youtube (on single player) which leads me to believe it is a coop glitch. Just wondering if anyone else had problems with this in coop.

20th Jan 2010, 21:44
Right after you shoot the mine, just make sure to run back to where you entered this area. Just do a 180° turn after the cutscene if you will and quickly get behind a pillar. You can shoot off the enemies easily afterwards.