View Full Version : Botanical Garden Glitch

22nd Nov 2009, 21:56
Hi! I new to this forum and actually this is my first post :nut:

I have this problem:

Right after the battle with Killer Croc I have to go to the Botanical Garden. The Mission Quest tip says "Stop Ivy from destroing the island" or something like that.

When I reach the building the game loads me the hall entrance, but an "invisible wall" doesn't allow me to keep walking. I use the left opening that goes under the hall, continue until the other wall top opening but batman can't grapple. :mad2:

So, how can I continue with the game? It is a bad installation? I haven't upgraded to the 1.1 version, should I?

Thanks for all the help provided with my problem, I really like it and I wish to finish it :hmm: