View Full Version : All the gadgets Batman needs

21st Nov 2009, 05:04
Is there a way (I suppose it would have to be a cheat code) that Batman can get all the NECESSARY gadgets at or near the beginning? Not necessarily everything, but I would like to play it with Batman knowing all of his combat moves at the beginning of his long night, and at least the weakest version of whatever else he needs (i.e., don't need the fast crypto analyzer, no sonic or triple Batarangs necessary).

21st Nov 2009, 07:10
There's some info in this thread somewhere: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=96788&highlight=level+select

30th Nov 2009, 03:29
Triple Batarangs is pretty handy, actually. I'd call it necessary, myself - especially when you're taking out the Titan-mutated plants.