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21st Nov 2009, 02:34
I've Finished the game and I LOVED it. Will a Mini Ninjas 2 be made soon? I have some suggestions which I "THINK" the game lacks....

1. Have more mini games or side quests in the game. This games should require a particular character. Like for example: A mini game that requires the player to brake some barrels at a span of time (beat the record game) of which FUTO is the one only capable of playing. A racing game on which TORA is the player ( He's the fastest runner among the group, is he?)
Of course each mini games have prizes.
2. A finished the game without any for the two girls, also very little use of TORA ( I just like the way he paddles the hat boat). FUTO was only to hammer the big foes besides that he has very little use. Will SHUN ( the archer), I really like his snipe so he's the side-character I had played most.
There should have been some areas that are accessible by a particular character. For example a wall that can only be broken by FUTO, a high cliff that can be climb only by SHUN when he uses his bow with a rope. attached on it, etc.
Each character should have had each own skill in the first place (since Hiro have his Kuji). Like Suzumi, she should have a use for her flute. She should be able to tame some animals with it using them to aid her in battles or using the small ones to reach on a hole, or the birds to fly on a high area to find hidden items.
I couldn't think much of what the "Spear girl" (forgot her name) could contribute........SO ANY MORE SUGGESTIONS ANYONE?
(Sorry for my grammar. I hated my English teachers, not the subject):whistle:

23rd Nov 2009, 13:22
I like some of your ideas, Like mini games and areas accessible only by one character. It would encourage the players even more to play it again. :) One little thing just, Suzume can use her flute to make her enemies dance so she unfettered can hit them.

12th Dec 2009, 15:12
nice one some of them r gud ..............

25th May 2010, 22:46
This is also one my biggest concerns. I'd also like to know if there will be a Mini Ninjas 2.

I think there is room to expand so that there will also be a tie-in Mini Ninjas comic book series as well.

Hopefully we'll learn if there will be a Mini Ninjas 2 game at this years E3 or perhaps a Mini Ninjas spin-off game sort of like Final Fantasy got the Crystal Chronicles spin-offs.