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20th Nov 2009, 01:40
ok i am ready to make a videogame what kind A TOMB RAIDER!! i got every thing planed out to the storyline to the maps cutscean everything all i need is a program to make it happen and for anyone else who wants to make there own tomb raider to make it happen for them

what would be PERFECT but unlikly

graphics simaler to angel of darkness
the ablility to make own hightly costizable charater and objects like diffrent shapes colors size ect
and the ability to make complex games like choices diffrent ways to do stuff turn the storyline diffrent
and the ability to make the charaters move in ways such as jumping backfliping rolling somesalting sprinting walking and shooting kicking puching ect
and last abilaty to make maps like angel of drakness maps

what my expections
graphic simlaer to tomb raider 4
the ability to make own cotum charaters and objects like boy girl rock wall ect
ability to make a a game thats semi complex dyeing sceans storyline new maps ect
chaeraters to walk run jump backflip side flip others flips climb swim kicks and or punches

sorry its a not to read but thats it if you know something that can wotrk for me give me a link and you may be seeing a game from me

20th Nov 2009, 02:18
Hi poplk. Forgive me for potentially stating the obvious, but do you know about the Tomb Raider Level Editor? It is the level editor for the Chronicles (TR4) game engine, and it sounds like it may suit your needs. Following is the link for the TRLE forum here at Eidos. There you'll find information about the level editor and tutorials and members asking questions. You can also check trle.net for lots of information and to download levels to see what other level builders have created. Good luck, and maybe we'll see a custom level from you in the future!