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19th Nov 2009, 02:01
Hi All!

My Mini Ninjas turns black screen after loading but I could here sounds and do movements. I already updated my drivers to the most recent version as well as had my pc system checked in System Requirement Lab to determine compatibility. So far, I've passed the minimum as well as the recommended specs.

On the menu portion, the screen becomes black and on the gameplay proper, it becomes white. Thereare audio and movements.

Please help me. I know that the game can be played in my pc. Thanks everybody!

1st Jan 2010, 17:30
Same goes to me..

i just fix the .dll and the game is able to start with all the movie and stuffs,
but the the gameplay starts my whole screen is just plain white, only hearing music and sounds of the
character's reaction from the keyboard i press..........

how to solve it?

2nd Jan 2010, 06:19
This may fix your problem, although as I don't know your specs but i'll give mine.

My sons computer is running:

Win 7 32bit
AMD 4200 Dual Core
2 Gigs DDR
256mb ATI Radeon X1650

I attempted to install the Demo through steam and experianced the same black screens with the noises in the backgrround, I could only see the Intro Video and then at the menus it was back to black.

I went directly to the Mini Ninjas Directory under Steam Apps and tried to run it from the executable (.exe file) I got a message saying "Unable to find xinput1_3.dll" So after a search i found it in the windows/system 32 directory and copied it to the Mini Ninjas Directory under Steam Apps.

I started Mini Ninjas again and I got Load screens and Intro but Black with sound again.

In frustration uninstalled Mini Ninjas from steam and download the demo form the Mini Ninjas site.

During the install the install, the installer craps out at the installation of the Direct X components, but leaves the rest of the install intact.

So again after trial and error i copied the xinput1_3.dll Mini Ninjas Directory

Heres the important part I downloaded the DirectX Redristributable


It contains ALL the Previous Versions of Direct X still in use. After installing it (unzip to new folder and look for exe to run installer) I fired up Mini Ninjas and could see Menus and such as well play.

I know that my specs may not mirror your and I used the Demo, but Direct X is a big part of the game and it appears the Installer the used by the Site is screwed up and because it fails to load DirectX at install it creates the problem and the Steam version appears to suffer from the same flaw.

Hope this helps.

30th Mar 2010, 15:27
The screen gets black at some angles as i turn around.the game runs normaly in all other aspects.i have ati x800 platinum,athlon xp 2400+,and WIN 7 32 bit.
What can i do?

2nd Nov 2010, 20:50
Same Problem as Groobel, please help.
I have a Macbook Pro 13" 2,26Ghz with the Nvidia 9400m.