View Full Version : Ouch, poor Lara!

18th Nov 2009, 22:06
I signed into msn today and found this on the "today" section...

"The Best Video Game Hero's and Heroines of All Time"

Lara Croft is #2 on the list and this is what they said about her:

"A video game character with sex appeal? There have been many, but this curvaceous tomb raiding adventurer put female protagonists on the map in the mid '90s -- and was played in real life by none other than Angelina Jolie. Too bad her recent games aren't as alluring as her figure."

LOL, I'm glad she's in second but it's funny cause they have nothing but nice things to say about everyone else and then wham, poor Lara.

Anyway just thought I'd show you all what I'd found.


18th Nov 2009, 22:22
that was harsh but kind of funny

18th Nov 2009, 22:22
Hey, She's still number two, even with a bad thing to say. Its not bad at all:thumb: Besides they have included Pac Man and Leisure Suit Larry on that list, so its hardly deffinative!

Arthur Pendragon
18th Nov 2009, 22:53
WHAT?!?!? (sorry i just got the sudden impose of anger) They must be stupid Lara is falsely accused (yet I almost can't control myself to laugh right now.)HOW HARSH!! (*anger impose*)

Randy 54
18th Nov 2009, 22:58
The only recent games would be next-gen., skip the glitter and go back to old fashioned raiding.

19th Nov 2009, 03:44
Hey she's number 2. that tells you she's doing something right. I mean that was a tough competition even had snake in there.