View Full Version : do i need to use the dvd to run batman everytime?

17th Nov 2009, 01:46
im going to destroy my dvd rom. i wish there was a way to install the dvd once and use the the game from my pc. is that why there's no shortcut on my desktop to the game either. ugh. how do i save my game. doesit save to my pc or to windows live online? thanx.

17th Nov 2009, 03:14
You can put a shortcut on the desktop by dragging the icon from your games menu (or wherever the icon is) to your desktop.

As far as the no-cd thing, I don't know and can't really help you. A lot of games these days are giving up on CD-checks, especially with online verifications during install routines), but for some reason this game uses every means of anti-piracy available (they must've really been scared). Remember though that if there is some No-CD crack for the game, using it would break the EULA and make Eidos cry, even if it's a legaly purchased copy. Plus you'd probably be subject to Rocksteady's numerous anti-piracy glitches. If I were you, just get another DVD drive (your gonna anyway, right?) and play off the CD.

I can't tell you much about this GFWL savegame BS. Seems like unnecessary and un-beneficial complexity to me. There are other threads here of people trying to figure out how it works, if your interested (I didn't read them much so don't know how helpful they would be). All I care to know is that online and offline profiles use different savegames.