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16th Nov 2009, 22:43
For the past few months I have been writing a Tomb Raider and Torchwood crossover story to raise money for Children in Need. So far I have released the two chapters, and more to come in the next week.

Children in Need is a charity based in the Uk and helps disadvantaged children by giving money to facilites to help improve their lives.

The website for my story is:

17th Nov 2009, 15:52
Nice... i remember watching children in need on television waiting for ashes to ashes to appear! it was so funny. loved it... i can't raise money, but i'm sure other people will... is it aimed more at adults than kids? XD good luck.
my younger brother has a rare chromosomme condition, he might have autism, he might have epilepse, he might have many other things, he's had loads of operations, he need to wear glasses but hates them, he was gromits for his ears and recently had an operation on his male bits... He was born with a clef lip and pallot... i still love him to bits... XP his condition is Tetresomme 9p

17th Nov 2009, 17:36
So, you write a fanfiction, and FF.net gives money?


(Goes off to write Pauce fanfiction...)

18th Nov 2009, 23:00
Actually it's not on Fanfiction.net...It might get more interest if I put it on there. Thanks for the idea! :)

It's not just for adults it's for children too, there isn't anything that might be offending or as adult material.

I watched the Top Gear and Ashes to Ashes meeting in last year's show as well, it was fantastic. I love that Pudsey was sitting at the back as the car drove away. I thought that was very sweet.

Thanks to both for having an interest in this :)

18th Nov 2009, 23:17
It's really great that you are doing this, good luck finishing the story! :thumb: :)

19th Nov 2009, 08:12
Well done. It sounds like a worthwhile thing to do.

I notice that someone posted a link about your story at tombraiderforums but after a day or two it was deleted. Guess they don't do charity. :rolleyes:

19th Nov 2009, 16:18
@Natla... tombraiderforums are stupid and pointless. they banned me for posting a link to a youtube video. how stupid is that? I hate them... people should ditch their furms and join us! the caring and loving society. XP

19th Nov 2009, 16:35
Thanks everyone for your kind comments.
I would of loved to see how much the project had raised, but because it cost £15 every month on JustGiving and £100 upfront on VirginMoneyGiven so I think that is too expensive. SoI can't track it, so the money is going directly to the charity.

It does seem strange that they would ban people for posting a youtube video, I hear other similar stories too. I think the site would have benefited if it was on another forum like that but if the admin don't want it to be there you can't really create an arguement. Although I would of loved to contact the person who posted it up, I think they're awesome. And thanks for spreading the word of the project :)