View Full Version : STORE Boosters, how to equip?

1st Mar 2014, 20:29

I bought some runestones and one Booster. It is in my inventory, but on the end of a match there is "1x no bosster".
So how can i equip the Bosster?

2nd thing:

first time i've played the beta there was no sentinel class... i've bought it too.... now there are 2 in my inventory (incl. his attacks).... Can i delete one without lost the other or is there maybe a bug? :P (i want to be sure... sentinel is my favourite class ;) )

and: There sould be a security warning (a popup not a little yellow text)....

1st Mar 2014, 21:50
I think you can equip it at the main menu, next to your pics bottom left corner.

1st Mar 2014, 22:06
Yeah that's it! Thanks man!

EDIT: But what can i do with my double Sentinel? Is there anyway to rollback and get runestones back? :P
When i delete one.... will one still be there or will the game delete both? :P