View Full Version : My ideas for the game

16th Nov 2009, 13:41
OK first of i would like to introduce myself to you all
My name is mainly slavik call me MiniNinja please
and i have thought after finishing the game ( not completely,still have to find a lot )
to give you guys some features you may want to put in the game

1.why not make more level for instants like if you reach level X then you can Use the spirit form to get in to red enemies

2.Say i go in to an enemy when other enemies come close they find me a ninja but i don't understand how?

3.maybe making the game a LAN game so people can do the missions together there are a lot of people who want to play together but they cant because there is no multiplayer feature so they take turns in playing

4.you can make a survive mode after someone finishes the game

5.you should make the "How to make scrolls" tutorial in the hints too because it took me some time to realize how to do that

well that's for now if you will make the patch i will be happy,oh and can you make the game run without a CD its a little annoying

1st Dec 2009, 22:24
ur ideers seems ok whit me especial the no cd game ply (add it to steam) and multyplyer coop and for me load and save at evry save poindt can be savet 2x and that u can load them as wel evry singel save game or that u can use som animal that run fast so u can seek ur mushrooms and flouwers or som ennimals like the chikken putting a agge doun u can use for a special spell

gread game love it