View Full Version : MISC. Suggestion - Allow us to switch skins in-game

1st Mar 2014, 18:42

Not sure if this has been suggested before, but I think it would be epic if we could switch skins in-game, during loadouts.

So for instance say during the wait to respawn, you can press Loadout, and change your skin.


1st Mar 2014, 19:06
I would like this too. It also will distract people from focusing you more in-game.

1st Mar 2014, 19:10
Do you notice the skins that often? In the chaos of combat I don't even notice if any one is using a custom skin. I notice mine of course but never other people's.

1st Mar 2014, 19:20
I do. For example, I was playing vs 2 tyrants yesterday and focused Plux down, because I knew he was "black."

2nd Mar 2014, 05:59
I have to disagree with this suggestion. Your avatar should look the same throughout the match; you should be recognizable to both your teammates and enemies. What's wrong with focusing someone down or being focused?

2nd Mar 2014, 10:20
Hi, thanks for your input but what's wrong with switching skins during a match between respawns?

Being recognisable doesn't really do much in terms of gameplay. If I am playing a tyrant in the classic skin and die, and I switch skins for my next respawn, does that really have any major affect on gameplay?

I don't see any problem with being focused or focusing someone, but just because of that we shouldn't be allowed to switch skins?

2nd Mar 2014, 22:52
The only way I use skins on other players is to keep track of who has the warbow, which is easy enough since it's so damn big and shiny. You could possibly sent each loadout to have it's own skin maybe?

2nd Mar 2014, 23:11
Then you haven't fought 3 Tyrants and had to single out Plux :P

2nd Mar 2014, 23:21
Plux is easy to single out. He's the glowing red one kicking ass everywhere. Same with strike.

3rd Mar 2014, 00:31
That's exactly my point. I don't WANT to see him red.

3rd Mar 2014, 00:33
Plux angry... Plux SMASH!