View Full Version : mgan fox vs angelina jolie

14th Nov 2009, 17:19
thats right im bringin it back. in order to stay within guidelines of the rules i have to use "prettier" this time tho. Who is prettier megan fox or angelina jolie

14th Nov 2009, 17:22
Angelina jolie is extremely uglie.

14th Nov 2009, 17:28
yes finaly someone that agrees wit me

14th Nov 2009, 21:38
i dont know who wouldnt.

15th Nov 2009, 21:31

15th Nov 2009, 22:01
u didnt vote. wat the heck man

15th Nov 2009, 22:07
Oh yeah, this was a poll, I just got shocked by you making a thread about it.
I stick with megan. Angelina has times when she's like "wow, I need to *** that" and times when she looks... weird, I don't know. So, megan

15th Nov 2009, 22:08
o yea 3-0 were on fire now. no use gettin a fire extinguisher either cuz were a blazin inferno lol

16th Nov 2009, 00:23
4-0 now

17th Nov 2009, 12:39
5-1. Another vote for the fox

Apocalyptic Fish
29th Nov 2009, 22:34

Megan Fox, duh

30th Nov 2009, 00:40
obviously megan would win, but i did this poll type thing a long time ago and the mods made me stop cuz the way i asked the question was"innapropriate" so i made this more as a joke, i knew she would win i jus wanted to see what people would say when they remembered this

30th Nov 2009, 02:06
i just saw transformers 2.... OH MY GOD, MEGAN FOX IS SOOOOO HOTTTTTT!!!!!!

30th Nov 2009, 02:07
if u think she is hot in that, watch jennifer's body

30th Nov 2009, 21:50
Im betting she is even hotter in that one. am i rite?

30th Nov 2009, 22:19
yup, shes a hot vampire

1st Dec 2009, 01:39
perfect girlfriend, haha

1st Dec 2009, 23:18
not the vampire part but the megan fox part is a perfect girlfriend

1st Dec 2009, 23:27
haha, well if ur fred (is fred the guys name?) from twilight, u will LOVE her.

1st Dec 2009, 23:56
umm i kno there is jacob thats the wolf guy and edward is the vampire guy, odk who fred is i never saw the movie, except like 20 mins of it in spanish class at the end of the year

2nd Dec 2009, 02:06
ohhhh, edward is his name, yah edward and megan fox.......no, she will be better of with me:cool:

2nd Dec 2009, 23:15
fred/ed.....same thing

2nd Dec 2009, 23:21
edward and fred and totally different names, the only similarity is ed

2nd Dec 2009, 23:31
exactly. to turn ed into fred, all u hav to do is add an F

2nd Dec 2009, 23:33
well ur wrong again lol, that makes fed, as in o no its the feds!

3rd Dec 2009, 03:02
OH MY GOD!!! fine, its just like ed, just ad "FR"........ happy?

7th Dec 2009, 20:27
angelina jolie seems like the kinda person that could crrush your head with her thighs if she wanted to.
p.s. how did this turn into an argument over twilight?

7th Dec 2009, 20:50
we were talking about how megan fox is in jennifer's body. then it turned into talking about vampires cus that what megan was in that movie.

7th Dec 2009, 23:37
I guess it has something to do with brauny's almighty offtopic powers that turn even offtopic threads into offofftopic...

8th Dec 2009, 01:01
yah, one time he is gonna get so off-topic the website will self destruct and are computers will explode, lol

8th Dec 2009, 01:18
its jus wat i do lol

8th Dec 2009, 02:20
mycoldman will be updating the site. then the website shuts down, and a message comes up saying "please stand by... brauny has triggered the self destruct button."

8th Dec 2009, 20:33
that would be cool, but i doubt it. why are we pretending the site gets updated

8th Dec 2009, 20:48
cus i want it soooo bad...

10th Jan 2010, 12:00
14-4 for megan fox :cool:

EDIT: 17-4 Megan Fox :D

10th Jan 2010, 12:07
Megan Fox is sexyier fact! However I'd be just as happy if came home and Angelina Jolie was waiting there for me to :)

llx Todd xll
1st Feb 2010, 19:34
megan fox looks good but shes a arsehole really she called the director of the transformers 2 hitler and the crew called for spolite hard to work with and stuff. i hate her

2nd Feb 2010, 15:33
megan fox looks good but shes a arsehole really she called the director of the transformers 2 a nazi and the crew called for spolite hard to work with and stuff. i hate her

Oooh, it's hard to hear she's a lil *****. What a pity. Let's bang her.

6th Feb 2010, 13:14
haha brauny what an awesome thread! hahahaha

Totally megan fox.. she sold it for me when she was in transformers... big massive machines kicking but and a really really REALLY 'pretty' girl .. my ideal movie..

.. although.. i didnt like her as much in transformers 2 for some reason?

angelina jolie is funny looking in my opinion.. i dont find her attractive in any way

7th Feb 2010, 02:08
yea i saw her in this show called "two and a half men" maybe u kno it, but anyway i was like o my god, i totally would tap that. shes basically a goddess lol

8th Feb 2010, 00:13
Megan fox isn't even in the same rank as "pretty" and who the heck would compare those 2 lol..
That's like comparing an apple with a worm, which tastes better..

Anyway, yea Meg clearly takes this fight.

In fact, SHE is the reason my themes on Cydia are doing so well.

I released a wallpaper pack for my theme, A 1 A Premium, and it got 20,000 downloads in the first day.

Do you realize how insane that is?..

8th Feb 2010, 21:15
no i dont kno, did u see her superbowl commercial, i was roflmao seriously cuz it was so tru

9th Feb 2010, 07:36
megan fox is Epin compared to the other slob.

7th Mar 2010, 12:49
Dudes have you seen megan fox's thumbs there freakin sick (IN A BAD WAY!)

7th Mar 2010, 16:06
uhhhh, no... i dont think i wanna see her thumbs.

16th Mar 2010, 00:47
I am going for Megan Fox too. Seems like quite a majority for her so far

17th Mar 2010, 20:08
I don't see why every one is going crazy over Megan Fox. She only looks good under the right light (which is very hard to get), and she is a really horrible person. I remember one of the crew members saying that one of them brought their daughter in to get an autograph and stuff, and MF basically said "Go away", but in a much ruder way.

18th Mar 2010, 00:22
Megan Fox probably. She did look pretty in transformers