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12th Nov 2009, 04:07
Looking through the forums for an answer to this I came accross many others experiencing the issue with restoring saved games after reformating, etc. Few key things I think we can all agree on:

1. Windows Live! is bull#@#%
2. Save game system is redicu-F-ING-lous!

Anyway I just reformated and fell for the same trap of thinking simply copying back the "MY Docs\edios\save\blah" folder would do the trick. Well no luck with this.

Well I then tried creating a new OFFLINE profile and just copying the save game file over and was met with the CORRUPT DATA kick in the nuts trick (thanks edios).

Luckly I had backups of my old "USER" folder so I had the stupendous idea of copy a bunch of Windows live folders to my new profile.

This is what I had to do to make it finally work:

Copy these folders from your backups over the top of your new folders:

\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live

Once that is done copy your save game folder:
My Documents\edios\batman arkham asylum\

over the top of the new folder.

THis made it work for me. Unfortuneately you will have to have backups of your Appdata folder which is hidden and not commonly backed up. But if you have a copy this should work.

13th Nov 2009, 14:00
You must have missed my post:

It was posted before, could have saved you a lot of headache.