View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Weapon selection

1st Mar 2014, 17:11
I think that we should be able to use more than one primary and secondary ability, but once an ability is used the others that are similar type will be on global cool down. This way if say for instance a person throws down a blinding primary ability, then another person could use another ability to help assist.

This also works for defense. If a person is boloed, last thing i want to do is use the same bolo.

So yeah, please allow multiple skills for primary and secondary with GCDs applied.

1st Mar 2014, 19:28
Not quite the same but related.


2nd Mar 2014, 06:07
Having a limited set of abilities that can't be changed during a match encourages people to adapt their playstyle, not their class skills, in order to face a set of challenges. Having a limited set of abilities to choose from can be seen as constraining. But, it another sense, it frees you from having to micromanage your abilities midgame in order to adapt to what you're facing, and focus on the fast, arena-like combat.