View Full Version : Lego star wars error when restarting game

10th Nov 2009, 03:30
The first time I install Lego Star wars I, it works fine, however, when the the computer is shut down and the game restarted it shows the "A Long time a ago in a galaxy far away" screen, then a windows error window appears, with options to report problem, don't send, and debug. All of the options exit you back to windows. This same scenario happens over and over again, even after multiple uninstalls and re-installations. I have been running Lego star wars 2 for some time, without any problems, any ideas?

Viceroy Phoenix
12th Mar 2010, 20:59
Unfortunately there may be no "quick fix." If reinstalled many times, and you have the same problem, there might be no hope for your game. Best option, either get a refund, or change your game, sometimes getting the same game, only this time on a different disc helps. Might be the game itself.