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7th Nov 2009, 03:40
This article here talks about why Kane and Lynch are running around naked:


Interesting... so the first game influenced by Michael Mann, this one with some Quentin Tarantino?

Dr Klowneus
7th Nov 2009, 04:07
Interesting read, thanks for posting...so thats why they were naked, disturbing and hilarious:nut::nut:

7th Nov 2009, 04:33
Well now, that's....well that's strange.

7th Nov 2009, 07:14
According to a potentially spoiler-filled e-mail—yes, spoiler alert in effect!—from a regularly reliable tipster, Messrs. Kane and Lynch will be on the run entirely in the buff for one of the game's levels. That's for the whole level, supposedly. How does this happen? According to our tipster "they wind up naked because in the previous level they get ambushed and are about to get sodomized." Oh, my.

Oh. my. *******. god.

7th Nov 2009, 08:35
Totally this:


Gosh, I have a feeling I'm gonna love this game too.

7th Nov 2009, 10:09
Haha :D If it is true, than the game will have AO 21+ Raiting.:thumb:

7th Nov 2009, 10:40
Well there goes my Japanese Game Show theory blown to **** ...

As for the Adults Only rating ...
" After Rockstar Game's effort in showing a full pixelated human 'junk' , here comes IO with an Entire Level where you get to play as Naked Men ! You can also jump in Online and play with your friend , don't forget the crouch button !! " ...

Alright that was just silly , but hey at least i didn't stated this one ...

As for the Tarantino reference well , Dead Men did had as much references to Michael Mann to Tarantino's films , so ...


7th Nov 2009, 11:07
I didn't expect this! Still, the more frontiers they open in gaming, the better!
I have a feeling this is gonna be very humerous.

*Black cutscene like K&L 1*
Lynch: What the **** do you want ******
Captour: Shut up you ****, and ...

*game starts, you're playing as kane*
Lynch: RUN KANE RUN ***** RUUUUNN!!!!
Captour: Send the dogs!!
KAne: f******!!!!!!

7th Nov 2009, 11:34
Captor : Go Fluffy , go snatch your dinner ! ...
Fluffy : Woot ! ...
Lynch : RUN LIKE **** ! ...

Also ...
Achievement unlocked ! ...
No Hot Dogs to you ~ Finish the NSFW level without getting bited by the dogs ...

7th Nov 2009, 14:29
Kane & Lynch won't be "adults only" because that's the equivalent of financial suicide. It will be rated Mature, and they will probably push the limits with what they can get away with, but I can say right now that if they have any plans to make any money on this game it won't be rated "adults only"

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret. Game companies want their product in as many hands as possible. because that equals PROFIT. The harder you make it to buy your product, the less you're gonna sell, and that's what it's all about folks... money

I wouldn't be suprised if there are a handful of european countries than ban the game anyway though. That's usually what happens.

7th Nov 2009, 17:46
*looks at Manhunt 2* ...

Yeah ...
And from your logic , it means that Dog Days is going to be released on Wii and DS too ...

Not that i give a damn about that ...
I do give a damn about two things though :

NO DLC (unless it's like the Dope Bag) ...

*looks at Episodes from Liberty City* ...
*throws another computer out of the window* ...

7th Nov 2009, 18:11
IOInteractive is notorious for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC releases. As far as the Wii? Probably not, although the Wii has been getting some very mature titles as of late (House of the Dead: Overkill... anyone?)

I do not believe that Nintendo will be included in their releases, and even the high-end portable systems like the PSP are probably not going to get a Kane & Lynch game. IOInteractive hasn't really been that big into the mobile gaming market, especially with their franchises like Hitman.

Anyway I'm getting off on a tangent here... bottom line: all I really care about is the PC release. I hope that we can expect a Christmas release, or at the very least... an early 2010 release (A nice new year's treat eh IO? eh? eh?)

7th Nov 2009, 18:53

Have you people no logic sense ? have you not read the news ? ...
The christmas holiday season has replace spring time ...
Which is why we're having a boring end of 2009 ...
Because every damn game that was supposed to come out this month got mysteriously 'delayed' ...

Anywya ...

7th Nov 2009, 19:18
They were delayed because of mini ninjas.. NOT LITERALLY

They took a long time between kane and lynch and mini ninjas, and there had been applications for multiplayer programmers.

Mini ninjas did NOT feature multiplayer; therefore, the production took alot of time before anything was done.

Now it's been about 2 months since IO released mini ninjas and there has already been leaking footage. which is unnaturally new among the IOInteractive games.

A possible explanation is that the teaser vid showed some production they've been working on whilst doing mini ninjas. Therefore they needed to backup copyright laws immediatly before anyone could steal the opportunity; Particularly Eidos.

I doubt the footage was done recently though. So I doubt they planned and made the teaser in these past 2 months. As gnrGrievous mentioned (and I agree)- the footage's animation looks less motion-captury... Typical Glacier engine at work.

7th Nov 2009, 19:33
That teaser might have been made back in 2007 for all we know ...

Speaking of IOI's game ... where did our favorite bald killer go ? ...
I mean it's been three and half years since we last saw him and ...
Holy ! ...
I was right ! ...

Agent 47 IS the antagonist in Dog Days ! ...
After escaping the Captor's Dog , our naked psychopaths embarks into a cat and mouse game with the clone assassin ! ...
And as things couldn't get any worst , the Red Army invades manhattan ! ...


PS : Dog Days can have the same graphic quality Dead Men did that ain't gonna stop me from from buying the collector's edition (the one including naked Lynch and Kane action figurines !) ...

7th Nov 2009, 19:41
I'm curious... did anyone note the time between when we saw the first Kane & Lynch 1 viral videos and the actual release? I think they were in the same year if I'm not mistaken.

If they are releasing viral videos that means we might see a release this year.

7th Nov 2009, 23:55
This year... 100% not. Game programming takes too long. Anyways, it's best we don't get too many high hopes. We'll just wait for the next trailer, ***** and moan about it, and we wait till the game releases :lmao:

8th Nov 2009, 00:10
but that's what I'm saying... what if a majority of the programming is done? For all we know the game is in post-production...

It's a possibility! I think... maybe.... please god

8th Nov 2009, 00:43
This game has been in production for more than two years now , how much longer will it take ? ...

Don't tell me they're doing it like Blizzard ...

8th Nov 2009, 01:28
It seems to be a disturbing trend among game designers of announcing their games YEARS before the release date.

Dr Klowneus
8th Nov 2009, 01:28
yes the story sounds great, so far but for me, the best thing was the confirmation that the game will include online multiplayer co-op, now i can play as lynch fullscreen, awesome

8th Nov 2009, 01:33
According to Kotaku the entire campaign will be playable online. As in, you and a buddy can play through the entire campaign. This is the reason I will be buying Kane & Lynch 2.

8th Nov 2009, 01:39
but that's what I'm saying... what if a majority of the programming is done? For all we know the game is in post-production...

It's a possibility! I think... maybe.... please god

Ok of programming is done.. then there's Testing... The horrible.. horrible segment....


Most probably IOI follows this structure in development. If they're in the testing era, they may be jumping back and forth through level designing / detailed specs to go back to coding.

actually... the structure isn't followed to the word: Ongoing support was a nono for Kane and Lynch Dead men... But not gonna moan about that.

8th Nov 2009, 03:51
wow, so I think it's safe to say that Kane & Lynch 2 probably still needs quite a bit of coding.

8th Nov 2009, 11:21
What ?! Testing ?? ...
You do not Test a work of art ...
You just shove it in people's throat ...
And they'll just have to deal with it ...

(the sexual reference was not intended) ...

8th Nov 2009, 11:50
What ?! Testing ?? ...
You do not Test a work of art ...
You just shove it in people's throat ...
And they'll just have to deal with it ...

(the sexual reference was not intended) ...

If not testing is done, there's a high chance the game would have a stupid errors like, the guns all of a sudden vanish or kane can run through walls. The closest example I can show you is Tomb RAider's Angel of darkness.. poor game had a short deadline for a huge story, Eidos rushed Core Design for release and a mess was the result. So.. let's hope they do it thoroughly!

8th Nov 2009, 13:13
Well Fallout 3 isn't such a bug-free game either and that didn't stop me from putting it on my top three favorite games of this generation ...

8th Nov 2009, 14:17
Kane & Lynch wasn't so much buggy as it was sloppy. Besides the escape van getting stuck in FA and the AI doing quirky things...I never actually had Kane & Lynch crash on me.

I hope KL2 meets this same standard.

8th Nov 2009, 22:59
The only thing From the diagram I mentioned before K&L went bad I think was Testing: They missed out the FPS issue and SOME bugs.. depends on the users. And ongoing Support... SPECIFICALLY for any patches or anything to fix the bugs... But this happens in ANY game.

9th Nov 2009, 16:50
I hate to say this but I think a lot of game companies really half-ass the testing phase. Some of the bugs/glitches in Kane & Lynch you could encounter through normal gameplay. (It wasn't like they were hidden or hard to find) which leads people to think that the gameplay testers were either drunk, stoned, high, or asleep... or in varying states of all of the above.

Frankly I don't mind bugs as long as we get some patches. IOInteractive used to be good about patches... Most of all the Hitman games have had at least 3 or so to fix problems and improve performance. Alas, Kane & Lynch sort of got the shaft with regard to patches. There was a big "Games for Windows Live" update but I think that was on Microsoft's end, not IOInteractive's

9th Nov 2009, 17:06
The only bugs and glitches i encountered while playing Dead Men (PS3 version) was the sound mixing , specifically the musical score (it comes and goes , sometimes they don't even appear) , but even that only happens in two levels ...

So excuse me if i appear confused when you all start talking about buggy gameplay ...

(Now that i think about it , the grenades did bounced around alot , and the rocket launchers had weird damage effects , but still , i don't think that's what you guys seem to be talking about ...)

9th Nov 2009, 17:13
oh and not to change the subject on you... but I thought I'd be clever and check out Brian Bloom's or Jarion Monroe's IMDB page to try and see if anything about Kane & Lynch 2 would be listed. No such luck...

I did however find an official Kane & Lynch movie listing: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0968747/

Goes into production Spring 2010, release expected 2011. Synopsis:

A pair of Death Row inmates, a mercenary named Kane and a schizophrenic named Lynch, escape during a prison transport and team up to retrieve a stolen fortune. Based on a video game.

9th Nov 2009, 17:46
Oh gee , i wonder how is hollywood going to explain what a schizophrenic is ! ...

Off topic quote : " A beautiful mind is the best horror film of all time ! it's so realistic " ~ Anonymous schizophrenic who looks like Grievous ...

9th Nov 2009, 18:11
I did however find an official Kane & Lynch movie listing: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0968747/
Oh no. IMDB is not official. They can change their info four times a day :D

9th Nov 2009, 21:40
Oh yes, IMDB is like the wild west of the internet in terms of what goes on there :)

anyway, back on topic .... Has anyone got anymore thoughts about the NSFW teaser trailer? I know there's something here we're missing, I just am not looking at it the right way.

someone help me figure out what I'm missing here.

9th Nov 2009, 22:07
After analysing it fourty seven times , can you identify the date on the lower right corner ? ...

All i can see is a blurry 2009-05-02 ...

10th Nov 2009, 01:20
maybe the date has some significance? I will look into this...

by the way I have the teaser video downloaded if anyone wants it.

10th Nov 2009, 11:22
I dobut that date has any significance now. It was written in several websites that Kane and Lynch was to be released in 2009, probably they were thinking of that date till Mini Ninjas' had it's release this year.

10th Nov 2009, 14:57
That is my fear... maybe IOInteractive didn't include any secrets in the teaser and simply is what it is: Kane & Lynch beating a dog away, naked, while being shot at.

It wouldnt be the first time I've overthought something like this. It's fun though... keeps my interest for when the actual release hits.

10th Nov 2009, 18:18
Didn't the article in which Ian Livingstone said Kane & Lynch II was coming out in september 2009 dates from May ? ...

*after checking* ...
It dates from May 11th ...
What if the date on the camera was 2009-05-11 and not 2009-05-02 as i expected ? ...

Then that'll mean ... IT'S A CONSPIRACY ... :eek:

10th Nov 2009, 22:00
Then that'll mean ... IT'S A CONSPIRACY ... :eek:


15th Nov 2009, 04:22
One viewer of the Kane & Lynch teaser states (he appears to be chinese)

bottom left says burger restaurant in simplified chinese letters

Even with this translation, no new light is shed on this very confusing teaser trailer.

15th Nov 2009, 13:11
Haha , IO is making fun of Grand Theft Auto IV's ...

15th Nov 2009, 13:16
Burger restaurant...
My hypothesis, a big chase in a middle of a city...
GTA style.. i doubt it... and defenatly hope not.

16th Nov 2009, 04:43
You know we're gonna get a chase mission already. One of em no doubt involves tearing buck-naked through China in a giant storm of over-40-flab and profanity the likes of which the world has never born witness to.

29th Nov 2009, 22:52
well idk if anyone can remember but when the game the getaway black monday there was a scene where there was a room filled with toples pornstars, and it showed everything, and that game just got a m for mature

29th Nov 2009, 23:28
EDIT: OOPS sorry... I apppologize Forget what i said *ashamed look*

29th Nov 2009, 23:32
brownwold007 - Spammer - please attack..

why spammer? what i meant was that some games have nudity and people dont make such a big deal about it

30th Nov 2009, 00:37
why spammer? what i meant was that some games have nudity and people dont make such a big deal about it

I appologize for that I am so sorry...

2nd Dec 2009, 02:29
I appologize for that I am so sorry...
its cool, i didnt fully explain myself

Son of Nerlin
4th Dec 2009, 17:09
Thats sounds like a really cool idea. Push the boundries as much as possible I say. I can't beilieve the media make people believe that games create hardcore damage to kids and creates crime, yet, on the other hand, movies and music are just fine????!?

4th Dec 2009, 17:24
Actually all three of them are responsible for making the childrens turning into faceless hoodlums ...

Bullies at school , parental education , and traumatic events of course doesn't endanger us from becoming upstanding citizens ...

Fact ...

Son of Nerlin
4th Dec 2009, 17:54
haha! Well put.

Unpaid Intern
4th Dec 2009, 22:29
I'm actually amused by some of the reactions this first teaser has gotten. From psxextreme.com:

Let's see, make a game with crap gameplay weak camera work and a utter crap split screen mode and then pepper it wholly with as many "F" bombs and blood as you can and hope for a hit on shear shock value alone.

Fast forward 2 or so years later and make a sequel to that game with sodomy, naked characters, and as much shock value as you can cram into it and hope that the failings of the original are forgotten by enough people that you can turn a profit on a game franchise that has a rocky history at best.

Typical hater hysterics but LOL especially @ how this guy and others like him talk about 'shock value'. Shock value? Seriously??
What is so extraordinarily shocking about 3d male characters running around naked (with their parts blurred out) or using the f-word? Private Ryan, to name an uber- mainstream example, contained scenes which truly were shocking and disturbing. Some video game characters using foul language and showing their butt cheeks is just funny. I feel sorry for those who were shocked...

22nd Dec 2009, 08:18
Since the game is played in "youtube" style, there would probably be blurred out versions of their parts, so it wont actually beconsidered NSFW

22nd Dec 2009, 11:15
Well that's disappointingly unrealistic ...

Isn't it ? ...

22nd Dec 2009, 14:54
depends who you are, if you're an angry politician then no, and if you're a pervert then yeah

23rd Dec 2009, 16:54
This begs the question though, are you the game-hating politican or the game-loving but perverted pervert

23rd Dec 2009, 23:05
I am sure I am not a politician, but who here isn't a pervert? who here hasn't watched porn? sure I may be considered a pervert if I like video games

23rd Dec 2009, 23:11
There are those who choose not to watch porn, despite its ease of accessibility.

Concerning the scene, blurring the stuff out would probably fit in with the visual motif they've got goin' on; however, leaving a ***** uncensored is hardly something I'd call "perverted". The intent of the nudity is most important in my mind.

23rd Dec 2009, 23:22
There are those who choose not to watch porn, despite its ease of accessibility.

Concerning the scene, blurring the stuff out would probably fit in with the visual motif they've got goin' on; however, leaving a ***** uncensored is hardly something I'd call "perverted". The intent of the nudity is most important in my mind.

Yeah i know