View Full Version : If you could only have 1 non-Lara character return who would it be?

7th Nov 2009, 01:05
There has been quite a few returning characters in TR games recently. Maybe too many. What if there could only be one of the non-Lara reccuring characters making a return in a near future TR. Who would you want it to be and why? If they are not on the list then you can post your answer.


Max 28
7th Nov 2009, 01:40
WINSTON!!!! We love Winston! :D He's been around for ages, and has always worked for me. Lara's trusy butler.

Princess lara
7th Nov 2009, 10:08
I voted for KT. he's fun and a bit mysterious.

7th Nov 2009, 10:25
I definitely want to see Doppel again!!!! ;)

7th Nov 2009, 11:35
Zi, Zip, Zip!
He rules! I really love his jokes.

7th Nov 2009, 15:30
Winston, everyone else can stay gone for all I care :D

also does a freezer count as a ''character''. It was used a lot by people to almost be considered one

7th Nov 2009, 16:41
amanda lol. oh wait, i didn't see the winston thing! ah well....

7th Nov 2009, 23:33
Sophia for me. Just she she made a great villan and rival for Lara.

8th Nov 2009, 01:20
Well, this poll is just a little unfair, because characters like Zip, Winston, Amanda, and the Doppelganger are almost 100% ensured to be included in the future games, because they're *main* characters in the current series. But I love them anyway, they really do have a good place as far as their roles go in the games. :thumb: I voted for KT, just because I thought he was left an unfinished character, and we didn't learn anything about him at all in the game. It would be interesting, but the chances of it happening are slim to none... :hmm: Ah, well.

Max 28
8th Nov 2009, 01:22
^^^ Not necesarily. If it's a complete re-boot. But the question is, out of every character listed, which one do you want to stay or stay in the next games. I want Winston even if it's a re-boot. :)

8th Nov 2009, 01:31
^^^ Not necesarily. If it's a complete re-boot. But the question is, out of every character listed, which one do you want to stay or stay in the next games. I want Winston even if it's a re-boot. :)

Oh, yeah...forgot about that darned reboot. :( But I was saying that in the way if they kept all the current characters of course. But then, considering the reboot....well I'm not sure if we'll be seeing ANY of the familiar characters, other than Lara herself (if you can consider this rumoured new Lara, "Lara" at all.). :hmm: No offense to anyone who likes the whole third Lara makeover, but I am hating it....with a PASSION. :mad2:

8th Nov 2009, 10:18
Winson! HE ROCKS!!!! :p

8th Nov 2009, 16:28
The idea of Sophia or Kurtis making a return excites me most so either of them.

8th Nov 2009, 19:20
Winston, if he goes who else would get locked in the freezer? lara would get really bored :[

14th Nov 2009, 03:07
Think my name on here says it all. Bring back Sophia!!

14th Nov 2009, 20:23
I voted for Zip because I see him as the only one worth bringing back in future games to help Lara out with the more techinical side of her adventures, such as in urban environments. Winston for me comes as a flipside of the manor, if there is a manor i expect winston to be there if not i don't.

15th Nov 2009, 09:37
I'd love to see the usual characters back. But honestly I'd be interested in seeing Kurtis back. Closure would be nice. (Yes, I'm playing AoD over again. I'm growing attached to this character. but I don't like his voice actor.)

17th Nov 2009, 23:03
amanda! amanda! amanda! did i say amanda? i really want her to be remade, she looked like michel jackson in underworld! with the white skin, pointy noise, and her eyes on the sides of her head! i also want to see some more powers from her necklas!!!

18th Nov 2009, 11:30
I'm splitted between Kurtis and Doppelganger, but I'll go with Kurtis. It could be nice to see Anaya again, too :D

The whole idea about bringing back an enemy.. Well, I've had enough of that :p (I don't see the Doppelganger as an enemy - anymore)

18th Nov 2009, 20:32
Definitely Janice. ;)

18th Nov 2009, 23:14
Hmmm, I don't want to see anyone return out of the list to be honest. Well, Winston is quite an obvious choice but I don't see why he is a part of this list in the first place. He has always been around in the TR games that had a Lara's Home/Croft Manor level and what do we really know about him?

That's why I voted for Kurtis. At least he was a quite interesting character.
Doppelganger would be my second choice.

20th Nov 2009, 20:21
hmm, what would be cool is like, for unlockable costumes there could be costumes of all previous female characters! id love to play as sophia leigh :D