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6th Nov 2009, 05:37
So I played through the entire game in the hard settings, and i'm 99% done, but there is still one set of shaking joker dentures I missed somewhere, and I think one or two riddles..

The problem is - The game is over! I already killed giant monster joker, there are no more bad guys on the island, and I can't get into the building where the joker was (I think it's intensive care).

What do I do?? is there a way to go back and get those riddles??

Mistress of Fear
6th Nov 2009, 06:15
uhh Yeah just click on continue story, go to your map, go to the riddle challenges and it will show you what you are missing; You can back track to all the places that have riddles Ivy's plants are no longer in the way. Also you fought the Joker in the visitor center and there is nothing in there.

6th Nov 2009, 09:29

You should edit your thread and add a "spoiler" warning in the title for those who don't know the end of the game ;)

Re. the missing dentures: pretty sure they are in the mansion... these 3 ones are silent, so you can't hear their chattering teeth.

9th Nov 2009, 06:27
but I CAN'T Get in the first building! it's locked!

(the last building you go into, where all the henchmen at the door are clapping for you). There's no getting in it!

9th Nov 2009, 06:31
you've already been back in the first building, remember when the gargoyles were booby trapped? that was the first room you see in the whole game, remember the 3rd scarecrow sequence? all in the first building.

9th Nov 2009, 06:47
Then what I'm talking about is the PENITENTIARY!
The riddler's map says I have 3 riddles left there!

9th Nov 2009, 06:53
There is nothing in the visitors center once you've defeated the final boss. You should be able to get to the penitentiary no problem, what's stopping you?

16th Nov 2009, 08:32
BAHH!! damn it, on the map it looks like the only entrance to the Penitentiary is through the visitors center! OK, Found it, got it.. now I just have 2 sets of joker's teeth to finish and I also have to find out who Amadeus Arkham is...


16th Nov 2009, 08:38
I don't think you can get in that way, remember how you got in last time?

BTW it's quite obvious if you listen, you'll kick yourself if we tell you who the spirit is

16th Nov 2009, 08:39
Got in where?? what are you talking about?? I JUST SAID I MANAGED TO GET IN

16th Nov 2009, 08:40
Got in where?? what are you talking about?? I JUST SAID I MANAGED TO GET IN

through the visitors center? where you fought joker?

16th Nov 2009, 08:45
No dude, there's another way in but on the map it looks like THATS the only way

17th Nov 2009, 13:56
No dude, there's another way in but on the map it looks like THATS the only way

Isn't there a sign above the door to the Penitentiary that says "ARKHAM PENITENTIARY"? I don't ever remember having this dillemma, and I've beat the game 3 times...

I'm surprised you aren't missing Joker teeth in the Mansion, those are the most commonly missed...