View Full Version : random crashes need fix. (no suggestions work yet)

5th Nov 2009, 21:44
I'm having crash issues. i run a Radeon 4800, with AMD athalon 6000+ and have 4GB of memory, with a realtek HD audio device on vista (32 bit) my Game crashes randomly,

used to be able to play for 10 minutes on highest graphics b4 it crashed.
or play for 40 minutes on lowest settings b4 crash.

i updated my drivers for my graphics card.

now i can only play for 10 minutes on lowest or highest graphics b4 crash.

i clicked (update drivers) on my sound card. and it said i have the most recent version (but vista told me that, so i dont trust it). (I'll try the link above for sound drivers when i get home, I'm at work right now)
i reinstalled the game, and i still get crashes after ten minutes (or less).

IM SO FRUSTRATED!!!! i love this game, and i NEED a fix for this issue!

5th Nov 2009, 23:25
sounds like a temperature problem. download GPUz and use it to check your graphics temperatures after abouit 6-8 mins of gameplay. When you Alt-tab out of Batman, you'll have to click on gpuz before it will update the graph.

6th Nov 2009, 00:27
sorry i forgot to mention that my temp is monitored being at 81 F. after the system shuts down.

it runs at a normal temperature.

6th Nov 2009, 00:33
is that your graphics temp?
81F is extremely low, mine is 104F idle, thats with a custom cooler and a deskfan blowing cool air into it. are you sure it's being monitored properly? where are you getting your reading from?
what about your CPU temp?
do you overclock?
whats your PSU rated at?

6th Nov 2009, 01:45
i'm using my AMD manager, and im apologize im at work and i havent actually been by my computer, i belive it may be 81 C. (forgive me im alot younger than i sound).

i do not over clock

and im unsure of what my PSU rating is.

i think my issue has somthing to do with the Realtek driver problem, but unlike others, turning off my sound card still doesnt fix the crashes.

could it be over heating? i have a 3 fans in my box, one built onto my graphics card, and then i have two oscilating fans blowing in my room with the window open (and my comp fairly close to window)

6th Nov 2009, 01:54
If you disable your soundcard in the bios and it doesn't resolve your issue then it can't be to do with the soundcard.

the symptoms you descibe are exactly what would happen if something was getting too hot. Also similar to what could happen if they weren't getting enough power.
Try using GPUz to confirm your temperature. Like I said above, make sure you click on it to make sure the graph is updated, and take the readings after you've been playing for a while, but before it crashes.
Also do the same with your CPU, coretemp is a pretty good program to use.

6th Nov 2009, 01:59
will this simply tell me if somthings getting too hot? or will it fix my problem.

I can play prototype on very high for hours with out this problem, and i can play Oblivion on Highest for hours too, no problems.

I have this problem with Crysis but thats just the nature of the game (it loves to crash), and now i have this problem with batman.

6th Nov 2009, 02:07
Prototype isn't very graphically intensive, Oblivion used to be graphically intensive but compared to newer games isn't going to stress your card too much.

I don't believe i've ever had Crysis crash on me, definitely not regularly. Crysis is both CPU and GPU intensive, Batman isn't as demanding but still is more intensive than either Prototype or Oblivion.

The temperature readings will tell us where the problem is for sure, then we can think about what to do to fix it.

6th Nov 2009, 02:20
ok, i really only have net at work (i leave in 18 minutes).

so lets say that over heating is the issue, how could one fix that? (my computer is pretty high end, i built it specifically for crysis)

i also ran crysis perfectly until i got to a known bug where it crashed (at the end level on the boat after they nuke the island) i tried to fix that but never did get it fixed and now it crashes all the time. (but i could easily run crysis on highest w/o lag or issue or any problem at all)

6th Nov 2009, 02:36
well, it depends what is overheating. Off the top of my head your gfx shouldn't go above 115C/239F (I wouldn't have it above 80C/176F myself)

Your CPU shouldn't be above 60C/140F, but if its a Brisbane model Athlon64x2 like mine then the temp sensors are notouriously innacurate. You will probably have to take the side of and touch near the base of the CPU heatsink and see how long you can hold your finger there for. be careful not to touch anything else, just in case and make sure to discharge any static electricity from your body by touching the case whilst it is still plugged in and earthed before you touch anything expensive. Mine is barely warm (it's a 5200 oc'd to 6000) with the stock cooler. if it is hot to touch then you have a problem.

once you know if you have a problem you have to think about airflow, any pockets of hot air that might build up, ideally you should have an intake fan and an exhaust. when you say you have 3 fans, is 1 on the GPU, 1 on the CPU, and 1 in the PSU? as a temporary fix you could open the case and point a deskfan directly into your computer and see how long you can play for then. if that doesn't work then we will need to investigate your PSU.

(btw, I hate to break it to you but our computers aren't really considered high end any more, more mid range. still good enough to play most games on highest detail though.)

6th Nov 2009, 15:55
figured out it is my graphics card over heating.

I dusted it out and monitored my temp, it's doing fine now that i blew it out, but im going to get a slot cooler for my video card.

thanks for the help!

6th Nov 2009, 16:26
no problem, if your case has the space and holes for it, it may be worth getting a case side fan to extract the hot air that way instead, i think it would be better overall for the whole system because even though graphics cards hottest components are underneath, heat rises. If you had a side case fan positioned correctly it would draw heat from the top and the bottom, and to a certain extent from other areas of your pc.

6th Nov 2009, 22:05
ill probably do both (dropped two thousand and fifty bucks on my computer when i built it, i cant have that blowing up anytime soon)