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5th Nov 2009, 06:36
hi guys,
I'm stucked in a part a the game, called Titan Ivy, which possibly is the place where Poison Ivy will appear. I'm in the West Arkham, out of a cave in the heights. There, as I read somewhere, should be the Poison Ivy's plants, some snipers and some patients. And I should head to the Botanic Gardens, to stop Joker polluting the river.
Do you get where I am?

But, unfortunately, there are No Poison Ivy, No snipers, No patients, No plants, No nothing!
and I head through the B. Gardens. I walk in. There is nothing in my way, but I can't go further!!:mad2:

May someone please explain, what have happened, and why ?

I kindly appreciate suggestions to pass this mysterious bug!
I'm at 60%.

Thanks in advance.:flowers:

Batman The Trailer Hunter
5th Nov 2009, 17:50
If you pirated the game, your screwed, It would be pretty obvious if you did everything right (what are you reading?) go back into the gardens and talk to IVY.

P.S welcome to the forums

9th Nov 2009, 13:37
I read it in a walkthrough from www.gamepressure.com

man, I know that, but I want to know how did that happen? How enemies just disappeared?

10th Nov 2009, 02:55
Is this actually a copy protection issue? i've read about it but not been too sure. I do know once it's happened its pretty much impossible to continue and you'll have to start again.

Basically it just loads the old non-Ivy levels instead of the new ones with added fauna etc.

12th Nov 2009, 07:40
thanks pal, now I understand.
But is there a solution?
I'm at 60%. This kind of problems occurred to me once or more, but I passed them, with a restart chekcpoint or with doing some changes to the GAME.INI file. But unfortunately this time, nothing comes to my mind. Perhaps if I could go back to last level and replay it, then head again to this part, everything loads correctly.
It's a very good thing in this game, that it's not a level-based game, so you can continue like a story. That makes it so interesting. But, I can't replay a level(a part of a game) that I may have liked, nor can solve my problem.

Any upcoming solutions will be appreciated.

12th Nov 2009, 07:43
i think there is a way to start from certain points in the game, search the forum.

12th Nov 2009, 12:19
Even on PC, there are only like five save slots, so there's not really much of a way to start from specific points. It's really unfortunate. Great, great game, but that's pretty much inexcusable.