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5th Nov 2009, 04:46
So beyond the "Kain refused the sacrifice" at the start, what are the other quotes in teh song? I can make out her speaking but not the words exactly.

5th Nov 2009, 06:29
Let's see...
"Kain refused the sacrifice." This would be from when Raziel first meets Ariel.
"What are you, little soul?" Also from their first meeting.
"Locked in eternal limbo." From Ariel's description of Dumah and his territory.
"Be wary, Raziel" and "Those blind with rage are by destiny ensared." These are both from her description of the Oracle's Cave.
"You know, this is true." I don't know where this is from.
"May you find peace here, Raziel." Ariel says this if you walk up to the healing thing at the Pillars.

By the way, I used Nosgothic Realm's collection of dialog while listening to the song. http://www.nosgoth.net/Soul_Reaver/index.html

Guardian of Spirit
16th Nov 2009, 14:29
WOW! finally I can see all the words of Ariel's Lament! I don't know how much time I spended trying to figure out what was Ariel saying! I didn't know she was quoting several LoK dialogs phrases...:scratch: I have to admit I didn't catch much but the first lines...