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31st Oct 2009, 12:41
i have TR 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 on one dvd
2 and 5 are in zip folders others are in the form of setups
first start with 2
it successfully unzip the files and when i double click on tomb2.exe to play the game,a black screen with ouline appears and nothing else and when i minimize it by pressing ALT-Ctrl-Del there was message saying "game cd not found"(there was a patch with zip folder and one Read me file saying to copy the patch to game directory but when i copy and run the game error was changed saying "please insert tomb raider 2 cd"
3&4 run succesfully but one day 3 does not run and error was "TR3 has encountered a problem and needs to close.we are sorry for the in convenience"(this error has gone by running an anti-virus)
5=same error as 3 and does not go even after scan
(i have 5 on another cd before and it run successfully that time so it mean that my computer have all compatible things)
6runs succesfully but before there was a error saying "insert disk 1" when i click on NEW GAME in game (it is corrected by re-installing)
7=same error as 5(but i think this is due to that my drivers are not compatible)
8=no error
3gold (the lost artifact) when i double click on tr3gold file there was error saying "please insert cd,it is alone i mean not with TR3 ans is also in zip folder)
please help me.........
can anyone send me TR2 &3gold on my e-mail address