View Full Version : No Phys-X option in settings?

31st Oct 2009, 07:31
Hi everyone,

I played the BAA demo, it was awesome so I decided to purchase the game. The thing I noticed first was that in the demo under settings, I could turn on Phys-X to either low or medium or what not. In the demo for instance when you kill Zaz the tiles break on the floor. When I installed the full game, there was no option for Phys-X and no more tiles breaking :( Do you guys have any suggestions on fixing this problem?

Here are my system settings:

Intel E7400 Dual Core 2.8 Ghz
4Gb 800Hz Ram
EVGA 9800GTX+ 512Mb
Gigabyte Odin 580W PSU

BAA Version 1
Nvidia driver 190.62

Could it be a driver problem? It's just weird because I played the demo on the exact system settings. I don't want to just go and download updates just yet seeing as I have very little cap.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

31st Oct 2009, 08:27
Get the patch from this thread: