View Full Version : VAMPIRES Special Ability Focus/Zoom, Suggested Camera Change

1st Mar 2014, 10:32
So, when a Vampire uses their Right Click/Special Ability, the camera doesn't really change; increased speed might tweak the FOV up, but the camera generally stays put.

I think it should focus/zoom to over their heads, much like the Scout's charged shot brings the camera in very close. It should keep a Reaver from peering over the edge of a building while remaining completely obscured, it should give the Tyrant more focus and ignorance of anything that isn't directly ahead of him, and hopefully give Sentinels better perception of their height in regards to the floor or immediate geometry they may get stuck on. I do realize that, in the case of the Sentinel, it'd make recovering from a missed snatch much more difficult (as it currently is).

I think it'd enhance the feel of their Specials as well as serve to hinder their vision.