View Full Version : Challenges - Fighting or Preditor ?

27th Oct 2009, 13:19
Which ones do you prefer and why ???

Currently im prefering the preditor challenges, mainly because l messing with the henchmen :D and just watching there fear go up hehe!

I did prefer the fighting one for a while, then changed for some reason. Dont get me wrong batting henchmen with large metal pipes still puts a huge smile on my face :D

27th Oct 2009, 19:20

28th Oct 2009, 11:56
Predator. Gives a better challenge than just simply countering attacks and ball crushing. I honestly just like swinging from gargoyle to gargoyle.:D

That, and gliding around is fun too. I also like scaring the goons to a pulp, never gets old.

1st Nov 2009, 14:33
I find the insane combat map addictive fun. I really enjoy the predator modes too but you need a lot of patience. I think the predator modes in this game could teach a hell of a lot to the ones in other games such as MGS and even SC.

Ranting Thespian
8th Nov 2009, 08:01
I love building up combos, but I prefer to do predator because I LOVE screwing with the guys. I will string a guy up, and cut him down startling the other guys. I also love putting explosive gel in places, and screwing with them that way (hard to use gel in basic combat mode).

Also, the best is knocking down a wall on a bunch of guys, putting gel there, the other guy shows up, triggers the gel, I take him down, another guy shows up, and I string him up, and then punch the ***** out of the remaining guys.

I also love hearing the guys b*tching about the Joker too :lol: . They were morons for doing anything he says.

9th Nov 2009, 14:00
i luv predating but i weak in combating so i hate it
n i found the best way of mining is mine beside the stair n u just hide in somewhere to enjoy the effect of gravity...of course experienced by the thugs

10th Nov 2009, 09:34
I prefer fighting, building combos, and catching a better score while trying not to get hit. It's addictive as hell.

10th Nov 2009, 20:38
Batclawing down thugs from ledges is fun.