View Full Version : Physx crash on dedicated physx card

24th Oct 2009, 00:41
hey guys im just trying to troubleshoot a issue im having with the physx in arkham asylum. i'm running windows 7 x64, and the forceware 191.07 drivers (they include the latest physx files too) and have arkham asylum patched to 1.1 the game settings are at maximun except for AA which i have a 2x. for my video card i have a gtx295 and a 9800gt for physx. my issue is that with physx set to high, the game will run perfectly at around 45-50 fps and then for no reason the screen will pause for 1-3 seconds, go black and then the game will resume just like normal but the physx effects will not be there. both cards are not overclocked. temps look below 70c. physx will resume perfectly fine if i exit and restart the game. the game never crashes during the ingame benchmarks. if i disable physx on the 9800gt in the nvidia control panel and have the gtx295 do both physx and graphics it will work fine. all drivers (nvidia, phsyx, GFWL, windows update, sound, chipset, etc) have been updated. i've also tried windows vista and compatibility modes. if you guys have any suggestions it would be much appriciated!

thanks in advance! :)

24th Oct 2009, 05:15
Is there any way you can remove the 9800gt and split the 295 so the drivers treat it as 2 seperate cards, I don't think selecting Single GPU in the SLI mode will do this, I'm pretty sure you have to turn SLI off, on the same screen that gives you the Physx on/off option. you will still have plenty of FPS with a single core rendering and the other calculating Physx.