View Full Version : how to get Cryptographic Sequencer working in 10 second

21st Oct 2009, 09:14
hi guys, i play the pc version (the very annoying A-D-right mouse-left mouse controller!!!)

I am stuck at the point for 4 days already where the jorker's girlfriend set up a gas bomb and i need to rescue the 2 guards.

I can save the first guard successfully. However, with the second guard, i have only like 10 sec before the electricity is on again.

Can any of you teace me the trick to get the Cryptograph lights up a brighter green and the sound reaches a higher, lasting pitch within 10 second?

(I am at the stage where I can successfully get the Cryptographic Sequencer working in 1-2 min but not the 10 second trick, plz help me, thanks!!!)


21st Oct 2009, 09:55
Don't touch the right stick - just turn the left until it's in the correct position (screen is bright, controller is rumbling on the left side at max)

Then hold the left stick in that position and start spinning the right stick, until the screen turns green and the controller is rumbling on both sides at max.