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19th Oct 2009, 12:48
This is the story so far...

Chapter 1 – an unhappy home.

It was supposed to be a beautiful day. Children were playing in parks, couples were walking together. But on this fine sunny day, it was no time for celebration, in fact Lara Croft had no intentions of even going outside to enjoy the beautiful morning sun at all.

When Lara's feet hit the floorboards she sat on the edge of her bed and wandered why she was feeling so clum. But after that minute of thinking, the silence was broken to see Winston walk into the bedroom.*

“Good Morning Lady Croft, and what a beautiful morning it is. The sun is shining, the birds are humming. The days don't get much better than this” Winston paused to see Lara sadly staring ahead of her.

“Oh, right, sorry Lara. Is there anything I can do. You look very miserable” Winston asked.

Lara briefly continued staring at the wall. Winston realized what date it was and was instantly reminded of last years inconvenience with Natla, Amanda, losing Amelia and Alister for good.

“Today may look beautiful, but unfortunately this is no day for celebrating!, Please get Zip here. I need a new file. I need to keep my mind off things today?” Lara snapped.

Winston then headed outside Lara's bedroom, particularly worried about Lara's well-being. As he walked down the hallway he stopped and stared at a portrait of Amelia. He smiled and held his heart, then he continued walking into the Croft manor's hall and into Zips office.

“Lady Croft wishes to speak to you Zip” Winston passed the message on but then realized that Zip was talking to someone. In this situation Winston wisely moved towards Zip's back, to see who was in front of him.

“Hi, my names Derrick, Derrick James. Nice to meat you” Derrick smiled at Winston as the two shook hands for the very first time.*

“Well, nice to meet you to, my name's Winston Smith” He smiled.

Derrick was on his first day at Croft manor. He was replacing Alister Fletcher's role as Lara's assistant.

Zip then stood up and shook Derricks hand. Zip then gave the positive news. “Welcome to Croft Manor, your new home”.

Zip entered Lara's room to see everything smashed. For a second he stood in shock wandering what had happened then his eyes peered at Lara tragically sitting down in the corner crying. Zip instantly kneeled down and held her.

“I miss them so much!” Lara told zip.

“I know, I know, it'll be okay” Zip tried to make Lara positive but there wasnt a chance in the world that Lara even considered her happiness.*

Winston then entered the door to talk to Lara, but realised Zip was holding Lara in his arms as Lara cried.

An Hour Later

Zip was printing off the final page to Lara's next adventure, when Lara stormed into the office. She walked incredibly fast towards to the gun cabinet. She grabbed two pistols and amo then walked towards the door. She swung her arm down and grabbed her backpack.*

“Where are you going?” Zip asked as Lara slammed the front door of the mansion.*

Zip then ran to the door. By the time he had gotten outside Lara had driven her black Mercedes Benz out of the driveway. He then looked a the car 'dam'.

Winston then approached Zip.*

“Out of curiosity Zip, What on earth did you say to Lara?” Zip.

Zip immediately replied rather rudely “Bugger off loser”.

Winston was in a loss for words. This behavior from Zip was very spontaneous and radical. But Winston wasn't about to give up. He followed Zip to his desk due to curiosity. Then he began talking. Zip then got fed up and did something he would regret. He stood up and shot Winston in the heart.

“If I tell you to do something, you'll listen to me. Got it?” Zip demanded. But after his demand he realized where he had shot Winston.

A rush of guilt ran up Zips body. Not knowing why he'd done it or what his reasons were exactly. He stood there in shock. “What have I done”.

As the body bag slid along the ground Zip thought about what his actions had done. He realized that he had murdered someone he was fondly close to. But reluctant to that he knew how to cover up his crime. He knew his plan.*

First he would dispose of Winston Smith's body, then he would go back to his normal duty's and act as if nothing had happened. Then when Lara would ask about Winston's whereabouts he would simply reply 'he quit'.

But as he put the body in the river next to Croft manor he noticed that Derrick was staring from across the yard in the window. Zip smiled and waved, not sure about what Derrick was thinking or knew. Zip put the body in the bag and watched as Winston's body slowly sunk to the rivers surface.

“What the hell was that?” Derrick demanded as Zip walked through the back entrance.

Zip continued walking towards the library. But Derrick followed.

“So what aren't you going to answer me” Derrick snapped.

Zip looked directly across the room and headed towards Derrick in the corner.

“Look kid, I don't know what you saw, but you better keep your moth shut” Zip threatened. Then Derrick replied.“OK well first I'm not a kid and secondly I know exactly what I saw”.*

Derrick stood there shocked that he had just talked back to Zip. But he was more interested in the fact that he was a honest person, and respected his new home as well as himself. But Zip then snapped, he pulled out a knife and held it to Derricks throat. Derricks body backed violently against the bookshelves. “See this knife, you breathe a word, you can kiss your sweet ass goodbye”.

Zip stared into Derricks light blue eyes and innocent face. He then backed down and let Derrick go. Derrick instantly flew down the passages flight of stairs. Shocked about the event that had just happened.

Chapter 2 – you're the reason Mother died.

Lara flew into a driveway furiously acting on her thought's. She ran inside the office buildings and talked to the lady at the front desk. However Lara had no idea that the person she would be meeting needed notice.*

“Miss Croft, Miss Croft” the lady spoke.

“Sorry, what room?” Lara asked.

“Room 57, floor 3. but she isn't there at the moment” The lady told Lara to come back at another time, but Lara had no intentions of leaving.

“Thank you for your help” Lara smiled and walked outside. When she got outside she drove her car down the road so it wasn't in sight of the office building. She then hopped out of the vehicle and walked directly towards the side of the building. She started climbing up the wall griped to a water pipe. She climbed up for about 10 minutes. Then she got to the office window. She put her head below the window seal to make sure no one was there. Her eyes traveled left to right making sure no one was in the office. She then slid the window open and climbed through. As she did this she headed towards a chair located in the corner. She then sat in the corner and waited.

2 hours later...

The door creaked open as a woman walked through. Then the woman flickered on the light switch, to find Lara sitting in the chair.

“So who's life are you interfering with now-days?” Lara asked.

“Oh My God. Lara you scared me, What do you want?” Amanda questioned.

Lara stood up and pointed a gun at Amanda. “Sit down, there is a lot I need to get off my chest. Firstly you killed my mother, secondly you killed Alister, and thirdly I told you not to mess with me, but did you listen no! So I think it's time that you learned what it feels like to suffer to death, wouldn't you agree?” Lara asked as she pointed the gun directly to her head.

“Lara. You've really out done yourself this time, you cant kill me you fool. I know everything you could possibly want to know. So really Lara, are you willing to sink that shallow?” Amanda smiled. “Hmm didn't think so”.

Lara then pulled an angry expression. She then loaded the gun. Then the lights went out. Gun shots could be heard from miles back. When the lights came back on, there stood Lara over Amanda's breathless body. Lara had a few tears in her eyes and then said “I'm sorry Amanda, If you hadn't of gotten involved in this my mother would be alive, but you took that chance away from me. You're the reason my mothers dead” Lara then walked out of the office, not looking back at Amanda's breathless body.

As Lara headed down the elevator, Amanda's assistant spotted her. Lara saw the woman put her wrist over her mouth and say something, at that moment she knew she had been caught, but by who? When Lara questioned this in her mind she then knew she had to hide.

When she got to the bottom of the elevator, she quickly and smoothly walked straight into an access all areas only room. When she got in there however, not one person could be seen. She smiled and walked towards the fire exit, but then the lights came on. Lara stood still as she heard clapping. She smiled thinking to herself that it was Amanda but it was someone else.

“Lara Croft, I thought we'd never meet again. But we did, and for this I am glad” The lady said as Lara turned around.

“James Rutland, why are you still involved with Amanda” Lara asked.

James walked closely more towards her and lifted his hand up. His hand was sporting a solid gold marriage ring that was worth half a million. “Didn't Amanda tell you, were married!”.

Lara gasped at the word's James had just spoke of. “You married Amanda, Oh my god. When?”. James quickly replied “ Last year, after Amanda gave birth, we thought it was...” Lara then interrupted. “Amanda has a child!”.

“Yes, Amanda gave birth to our daughter Lily last year. She is so beautiful. She's one and a half now. You see after Hellhiem Amanda was already 4 months pregnant” James explained very briefly.

“Well Amanda didn't look pregnant at all. In fact to be honest she looked rather thin and didn't look happy, And know I find out, she was even in a relationship, but why on earth would you even think about having her child. Amanda is such an evil person and doesn't have much of a heart.” Lara was shocked.

James then got a phone call. “Sorry Lara, you're going to have to excuse me for a second”. He stood up and answered his phone. “Hello....Uhuh....Yes....and....what!....do you know why.......I'll be there...good make sure the ambulance is on their way...thank you” He then hung up and headed for the door. But he then turned around.

“Sorry Lara, I have to go it's an emergency and I have to go and help Amanda. She's been shot by someone. Excuse me!” James then continued.

As Lara then walked out the fire exit she realized the pain she had just caused. A rush of guilt then ran through her body. She couldn't help but think, she had just caused emotion to a husband, and a child could end up without her mother. She then became keen to go home, in which she walked steadily up to her car. When she got in the car, she watched in quit as the ambulance took away Amanda. She knew that her actions were what caused this.

When Lara got home...

“Zip, whereabouts can I find Winston. I need to talk to him!” Lara asked.

Zip looked worried and replied. “Mm, he left today. He said that he's tired of the hassle. He said to say he loves you, but he thinks that all the havoc is getting to much in his old age”.

“I've know Winston since I was a little girl. He doesn't just leave. There's something you're not telling me isn't there?” Lara replied. But Zip had no intentions of telling Lara the truth.