View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Mobile settings?

1st Mar 2014, 02:13
I was taking a look through the BCMP system settings. I was setting my FPS back to 60, and decided to try and tweak some of the settings so that the game ran at something higher than 5 FPS on my laptop. I noticed a group of settings called "mobile" and figured it meant notebook/netbook general laptop. I looked down a bit further, and noticed specific settings for iphones, ipads, flash (of all things) and android devices.

Is this an indication of an app of some sort? Or are you seriously planning on porting this game to phones and tablets?

Also, does anyone know of a good bcmp system settings config to set everything to their lowest qualities? Cause the "low" in-game isn't actually low at all. It gave me a 2-3 FPS boost, which is worthless.