View Full Version : Hey all you Kurt Harland fans...

19th Oct 2009, 00:58
I think I posted about this last halloween, but just as a reminder I'll update. SomaFM is once again broadcasting its "Doomed" (http://somafm.com/play/doomed) channel for the dark holiday (I'm not sure if they ever turn it off). The channel plays outstanding dark, industrial music very reminiscent of Kurt's work in Soul Reaver.

I don't work for them, or have any affiliation whatsoever. I'm just a real fan of Soul Reaver's music and, since it seems this type of music isn't finding its way into games anymore this is a real treat - especially for halloween. Check it out if the mood hits ya!

19th Oct 2009, 07:10
Yup, I remember you posting this last year :D Another year, another time for all things Halloween :thumb:

19th Oct 2009, 10:38
Thanks for the heads up dude.