View Full Version : grip Bug .tryin to enter the mansion

18th Oct 2009, 14:51
Could somebody please help me with my problem..Firts i had a pirate edition of Batman :)
Wanted just to ckeck the game hehe :) when i recived a mission to enter the mansion after poison avys plant have grown up outside...when i,m trying to grip to the window to acsess the mansion it cant grip....
After That i bought a licanced game....because the game was relly great hoping to play further withdout deliting my last save... Reinstalled the game ... load my last save ..and gues what...the origial game didnt work to ? how is that ? or should i start it from the begining ? maybe its because of a saved game from not licansed version ?
And btw..relly sorry for my english :)

18th Oct 2009, 14:59
"maybe its because of a saved game from not licansed version"

yes, delete ur old save games and start over.