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Creature of the Night
18th Oct 2009, 09:47
Questions I'd like answerd

1.Does anyone know if anyone else was consided before Kevin Conroy got picked to Voice Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Batman Animated seris.

2.Same for Batman Arkham Asylum

3.Same for Batman the Bave and Bold

18th Oct 2009, 13:21
1) Loads of people, those are anoynomous for know but Andrea Romano and Bruce Timm implied that it was loads of people, maybe even hundreds?

2) When they got Dini as a writer they pretty much just straight went for Conroy or Hamill.

3) John Dimaggio tried to be Batman for the show but instead got the role of Aquaman and Gorilla Grodd. Among other small roles.

18th Oct 2009, 16:00
For TAS they auditioned hundreds of actors, and all of them were doing the Clint Eastwood thing, and Conroy came in and did the dark, serious voice we all love and that was that.

18th Oct 2009, 16:50
Not to mention the ladies had the hots for Conroy's on first sight. =P

18th Oct 2009, 17:52
Not to mention the ladies had the hots for Conroy's on first sight. =P

Yes, we did. : )

Or, rather, I did. <3 I guess every girl can speak for herself.

Andrea Romano talks about casting Conroy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j468iT6qs4c&NR=1)

Like Wayne, Conroy seems quite the bachelor himself. I've never seen or heard of him being married.