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18th Oct 2009, 00:41
Yes the forums are coming to an end, interest in the best comic book inspired game is declining rapidly with the steady release of summer block busters, but before saying good-bye to B:AA, I decided to give the challenge maps one more bash. And low and behold I found something I had missed during my last 100 play throughs - If you play the 'brawl' challenge maps with the normal batsuit, it will take on damage. For example, play the very first challenge map, and let the three guys kick the crap out of you, until you have very little life left (flashing red). Then turn the tables and beat the snot out of them. When you start the next round the suit will be damaged, and depending on how much damage you've taken, the suit will have rips, tears and if you let it go all the way, the suit will look like it does at the end facing Titan Joker. In reverse, the suit will also 'heal' if you beat the next round without taking damage. Not at all helpful to extending the longevity of the game, but I thought it was cool.

Another thing I noticed were phrases on the walls of the asylum written in latin.
Non Compos Mentis - "not of sound mind"
Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea - (Basically) "An act does not make a person guilty, unless [their] mind is also guilty"
Homo Homini Lupus - (Can be either) - "Man is man's wolf" or "Man is a wolf to [his fellow] man.

18th Oct 2009, 06:17
The forums are coming to an end?

Not hardly:p

18th Oct 2009, 13:23
The forums are coming to an end?
Not hardly:p

Kids these days! Always talking about their doomsdays and whatnot twitters!

Batman The Trailer Hunter
18th Oct 2009, 14:38
Interesting, i never knew that cuz i never lose!

18th Oct 2009, 15:11
Lol. In 2012 the forums will come to an end! Haha...end to the forums, thats funny. But nice finds!

18th Oct 2009, 20:22
Ok so minor over-reaction on my part based on a couple of other posts suggesting the decrease in activity on the boards - my bad!

19th Oct 2009, 00:03
yeah thesde forums are alive and well my good sir.

19th Oct 2009, 02:08
It's heart rate just slowed,I kinda came to the conclussion to.