View Full Version : Chapter two help, I am not good at this stuff!

18th Oct 2009, 00:10
Mini Ninja may have not been the game to learn on. :scratch: It is chapter two. I get attacked by lumbering fool, and I just need to know a weak spot or if I am doing something wrong, cause I cant get by him!!! Help me!! Thank you!:mad2:

18th Oct 2009, 21:43
You need to hide behind beams. When the boss hit it - jump on his sword and you'll see what to do next ;)

12th Dec 2009, 16:04
ok Sharkbait, I know how to solve your problem. You need to go upstairs and hide in a corner behind a pillar. then, when Lumber Fool faces towards you, take one step out of the corner, and throw shuriken at him. just make sure that the swords that LF is shooting at you don't hit you. Hope this helps!

10th Aug 2010, 14:26
or u can look on youtube type in mini ningas ds part 5? i think thats how learnt to do it :lmao: