View Full Version : Problem while launghing the game?

17th Oct 2009, 13:04
Hey guys!

- A couple of days ago I bought the game Batman: Arkham Asylum, and I was really excited to get to play it .. And after some hours of waiting it finally were installed, "Yes!" was my first thought, but my enthusiasm might be said to be a short pleasure .. Because when I tried to start the game it came up with this massage saying "There was an unhandled exception in the program. If you click Continue, the program ignore the error and attempt to continue. Clicking Exit closes the program immediately.

An external component has triggered an exception."
So now Im sitting with a bit of a strange feeling in my stomach and £ 50 poorer ...

What do I do? I Have tried to delete it completely. Again today I've waited 4 hours for it to be downloaded but same problem pops up?

Greetings Nick Høier
(account name: charlie___dk)

17th Oct 2009, 15:00
whats ur pc specs?

18th Oct 2009, 04:06
Agreed, specs would help...

Also, did you play the demo first? And if so, did it run okay?