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17th Oct 2009, 03:55
Well no one answered me so far in the other section so I will give it a go in this section.
I looked at all the screenshots of the game, and I was saw weird things. I even looked n the back of the c.d. case, it had the same things. I looked closely and noticed that the guards and everything looked different. They only had masks on them. Also the environment looked totally different. Is this another version the game or something? Oh and I also saw scenes with joker jumping on top of guards and doing weird things. :confused::confused: Is this another version?????
I don't know where this scene pops up.

17th Oct 2009, 04:54
The game was just modified from when those initial screens came out, all except the Joker playable screens, as he is only available on the PS3. So, those screens are actually of the PS3's Joker.

Batman The Trailer Hunter
17th Oct 2009, 16:32
Like Hylden says the fame was modified, if you look at the first 2 trailers of the game you will notice a ton of diffrences from the final product!

17th Oct 2009, 21:31
And a good thing it was looking at them...

Batman The Trailer Hunter
17th Oct 2009, 23:14
Lol the screen shots looking better than the game does.

19th Oct 2009, 03:52
I know.

19th Oct 2009, 03:53
Thanks everyone to your responses. :thumb:

door noob
19th Oct 2009, 19:55
And plus most of these pics are atleast a year old, so alot has changed in the layout of the game.

23rd Nov 2009, 01:02
Lol the screen shots looking better than the game does.

I second that

Prince Daka
23rd Nov 2009, 01:07
the 1 with joker holding a gun at some guard looks to be from the joker dlc

they aren't all that different though.. the pic that was most different was this 1 pic from a magazine that previewed the game like a year ago that had a screenshot of riddlers cell where the ?s were blood red & something was written on the wall in a different language

Jay Melanos
23rd Nov 2009, 06:04
These kind of posts remind me of the Twilight Princess box art.

Matches Malone
24th Nov 2009, 02:49
Yeah who ever doctored the 2nd one made a pretty novice mistake of putting the lens flares behind certain objects. Never noticed it till now.

21st Jun 2010, 22:29
In the 2nd picture you can see some guards in the control center above the scanner. I never noticed that until now

door noob
21st Jun 2010, 23:40
And therefore you bumped this thread?

21st Jun 2010, 23:50
In the 2nd picture you can see some guards in the control center above the scanner. I never noticed that until now

Seriously? was that neccessary?