View Full Version : Saved Game Not Showing

16th Oct 2009, 21:40
Hello all,

I recently had to reformat my computer, I made sure I copied my Saved Game folder from 'My Documents'. I have copied this folder onto my new 'My Documents'

However I cant see my old saved game when I launch Batman, it just says 'Start New Game' or similar.

Anyone give me a hand?

Many Thanks

16th Oct 2009, 23:55
its g4wl, basically unless you back up all your g4wl data, (I'm not exactly sure how, I think you have to do it manually and it's not as simple as backing up the contents of the folder in program files) once you re-install a fresh copy of g4wl it creates a new encryption key for your save games (why it needs to do this is beyond me) which makes your old ones appear as corrupt (if they appear at all). if you start a new game, (which is pretty much all you can do now) and then go into the save folder in documents/eidos/etc then you will probably find 2 folders, both with similar long names with lots of 0's, your old folder and the new one it has created. Blame G4wl