View Full Version : Can't liberate settlements in Isla San Cristobal

15th Oct 2009, 20:08
So I've been playing through Just Cause, and have got to the island with the volcano. I've liberated one half, and have moved on to the other, Isla San Cristobal. Well I liberated all the Cartel settlements so I could unlock the Eagles Nest safehouse (Which is a awesome view :D), then I decided to use the new Skremmer helicopter to liberate those goverment settlements.

One problem, EVERY one on the island of Isla San Cristobal only has "start side mission"

Theres nothing to let me liberate it, the guy is where he is supposed to be for a liberation mission,but he offers me side missions. I've tried hitting E, thinking it could be a typo or something, but I get side missions....

Any help?