View Full Version : D3D error on Every game of my PC...

15th Oct 2009, 13:29
OK... That's it. This freaking crap must be solved before I sent out hungry wild badgers on the streets to kill every fudging retard they'll see.

I got Lego Star Wars installed just fine. Played the first episode and chapter but quit since I got much things to do. After I opened it again, It goes to the Nvidia intro and the intro after that then Desktop. Black then Desktop. WTH!? So I searched for a patch. The 1.2 patch. I installed it so that I can play the fudging game but hey... What the HELL did the patch do? "failed to create d3d device"!?!?. I was like... " Ok... Freaking Fine... Reinstall you... But I need to play another game to cool myself off with your crap. " Then when I run a game... D3D error. What the heck man!? This patch just ruined my everyday gaming lifestyle! All of my GAMES!!! It has an error in the video card. WHAT THE HELL.

Please help me. This patch killed my games. Darn hell.