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13th Oct 2009, 12:18
This is just a great read, I thought, and the author feels the same way I do: That recreating characters via the Frankenstein process ("To take an established character and reinvent him by tearing apart his continuity and putting him back together with a darker aspect in an attempt to write like Frank Miller.") is unnecessary and pretentious, and very stupid when done to superheroes who should appeal to children and adults alike.

The main example is Aquaman, who was mutated from a clean-shaven, All-American looking fella in colourful clothes who could talk to fish and loved his wife into a long-haired, bearded, vengeful viking wearing a ridiculous costume who can't talk to fish, has a harpoon for a hand and cheats on his wife.

Also, Aquaman had some amazing covers. :eek:


13th Oct 2009, 14:35
Yeah the King Conan treatment wasn't really the smartest decision on him, tho if you aks me heroes like Aquaman and Thor should have beards, even if it was just like a Clint Eastwood-esque beard with just little beard on the chin and stuff.

I'm pretty sure that Aquaman (Arthur Curry) will return to the living after the Blackest Night. He's such a potential hero but because of the 70s Superfriends alot of generation children pretty much saw Aquaman as this useless character. Luckily Batman: the brave and the bold is showing some good light on Aquaman and hey he has become's the show's fan favorite sidekick to Batman.

13th Oct 2009, 14:39
I just love how Golden Age Aquaman looks traditionally. Not as dark as Batman or as played out as Superman.

Brave and the Bold is definitely shining some good light on Aquaman. I also like the sort of compromise they did with his design, keeping with the old costume but giving him a beard, which mashes the mishmash of the heroic Aquaman of old and the passionate Aquaman of new. It just comes together to make a great character.

And to those who mock Aquaman's powers, how is he any less useless than Wolverine? Both are theoretically pitiful compared to their comrades, but at least Aquaman can control fish. Get outside of 10 feet of Wolverine and he can't keep you.

13th Oct 2009, 14:46
Morrison's Aquaman design for his upcoming: Multiverse story. (http://i37.tinypic.com/2d27se8.jpg)

Yeah people will mock Aquaman and Namor aslong as the Superfriends generation has their bad memories of Aquaman lol. =p Actually Black Lantern Aquaman was freaking awesome! Geoff Johns understands the potential of Aquaman (and hence why i believe he will return from the dead):

Black Lantern Aquaman being Badass! (http://i33.tinypic.com/290sw0o.jpg)

13th Oct 2009, 15:20
That is some good looking artwork there. The Black Lantern one is impressive, and I dig the new look too. I'm not entirely convinced by the Eastwood influence in the character (I've made it clear many times that I think that's much better suited for Batman), but I'll need to read the art and get a grip on the character before I pass judgement, since I have the boisterous Brave and the Bold incarnation hot on the brain.

I do like that they kept the traditional costume though. Love that costume. I've recently discovered Alex Ross's incarnation of the character and boy, is it retro. And I do love retro.


Slightly off-topic, but I am very happy to see more art moving away from the hyper-muscles and vaccuum sealed spandex look that has haunted comics for so long.

14th Oct 2009, 17:41

Are you doing something with Aquaman next year?

Not in the way you think, but Black Manta for sure. He's a character I've always liked, and I've got some pretty big ideas for the direction I'd like to take him. For me, Black Manta is in the same vein as Black Adam and Captain Cold and Sinestro and Black Hand. He's a character that I've had ideas about for a long, long time. He's a character I really want to crack open and explore. Black Manta is one of the vilest of the villains, if you look at what he's done over his history. And he's certainly a great visual.

Seems like Black Manta is getting some attention. Yeah i also like Ross' Aquaman design. Shame Aquaman's a jerk in the comics Ross has drawn him in. I really dislike the Aquaman whos all "ooh im the king of the sea. I dont care about your earth problems" -___-