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Shinji Ikari
12th Oct 2009, 15:08
Hi ppl! i have a problem with this control.
Works in all games i have but in Batman dont work.
I dont now why. Because in the game the botton for GFWL works, but only take me the Keyborad+mouse.
The first time when install the game i dont have the 360controller because i have this later.
I go to the launcher to select the control but in the launcher the option i dont see.

Well i need a little help with that.
Or reinstall the game, but i preffer other solution.


12th Oct 2009, 15:31
when the game detects that a suitable controller is plugged in it will automatically use it, there is no menu option.
If you use an xbox 360 controller that works in windows it should work automatically
If your controller is not xbox 360 then you will need an xbox 360 emulator to make the game think you have a 360 controler.

Shinji Ikari
12th Oct 2009, 16:16
Yeah, that is the problem, this is a conrol works in Windows.
Trisisty control, compatible with 360 and Windows GFW.
But the game dont take the contro, rlly i don understand why.
I have other games and the control works perfectly.
And now other proble, i will try to download the DEMO for this site, but when i install the demo have problems with corrupt files crc :hmm:
If i install de DEMO and the controller works, is that the problem, so weird, but this is my idea.
Other Link for the demo?

12th Oct 2009, 16:33
so what you are saying is your controller is compatible but not an official Xbox360 controller?
are you using 64bit Vista?

12th Oct 2009, 18:40
do you have it plugged in before starting game? Otherwise i cannot make out what your saying.

Shinji Ikari
12th Oct 2009, 19:08
Yeap the control is plugged all da time.
I have Windows 7.
And the controller is oficial 360//GFWL
ty for de DEMO

For example now I play GTAIV with the control.
Is original.

Shinji Ikari
14th Oct 2009, 02:46
Perhaps the problem is my cord control?
Beacuse is not wireless. My control have a Cable.
Rll i dont now what is. I install the game everytime but is da same **** i rlly dont understand.

Shinji Ikari
14th Oct 2009, 03:23

So simple and so clean guys.
I use a PS2 controller to play SFIV, this is da ****.
I disconet the ALL USB no only the controller and now 360 controller works perfectly!

ty 4 all i hope this help other person.