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Some Real Talk
12th Oct 2009, 02:51
I was just watching Sigourney Weaver take out some aliens with a flamethrower and was wondering if there were any flame based weapons in JC2, (mainly molotovs and flamethrowers) and if they are, what the fire physics are like.

Could I set the ground of fire for a few seconds? Trees? Certain buildings? I wouldn't be disappointed if it wasn't included, but if it is I could think of more than a few fun things to do while playing with fire (e.g. grappling to a fighter jet, setting it ablaze, then bailing :whistle:).

12th Oct 2009, 03:07
Well, it would take some time and effort to add that kind of element to the game, but Far Cry 2 proved it can be done, and it worked wonderfully, so I say it can be done, but probably wont.

Some Real Talk
12th Oct 2009, 03:16
Yeah. I don't think I'd ever expect anything flame based in this game to be as impressive as Far Cry 2. I think I'm mainly just curious whether or not flamethrowers, molotovs, etc. will make it into the game.

12th Oct 2009, 03:18
what were you watch ing??

Some Real Talk
12th Oct 2009, 04:04
the movie Aliens.

12th Oct 2009, 13:09
It's a pity, but things don't seem to burn

12th Oct 2009, 16:20
I hope that the flames and physics are realistic. It will add much more realism and immersion to the game. :)

13th Oct 2009, 00:16
was it good??