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10th Oct 2009, 23:37

Just bought the game and installed it.

I tried connecting to LIVE but it says that my product key is invalid!
The game installer never even asked me for my product key!

Please help.


10th Oct 2009, 23:51
yeah the installer doesn't. Do you have any O's (the letter O) can also be a zero (0)? Make sure you type it correctly... of course.

10th Oct 2009, 23:52
I tried connecting to LIVE but it says that my product key is invalid!
The game installer never even asked me for my product key!

Make sure you not enter valid code. Take care on liters and numbers like I - 1, O - Q, B - 3 etc.

11th Oct 2009, 00:07
Thanks for the replies, but again, I was never asked for my product key.

The installer ends successfully and I am able to launch the game. However when I try to log into LIVE, it tells me my product key is invalid.

I had downloaded the demo from Steam, but uninstalled it before I even attempted to install this game.

11th Oct 2009, 00:10
Did you get the game off steam? Steam has a different product code that's used for GFWL. Don't know if that's the same as the retail, but that's how I did it with steam.

11th Oct 2009, 00:20
No, I bought the PC-DVD from Target. I only had the demo from Steam, but I deleted it after I finished playing the demo.

11th Oct 2009, 01:21
Try unistalling it completely from your system including the demos. Use a program like revo unistaller ( a powerful freeware unistaller program. Google it and install if you haven't already have the program) to remove it completely form the system. Use advance option to get rid of the reg entries as well. Reboot and then use ccleaner (another freeware) to get rid of all unwanted files. Google it and install (if you haven't currently got it installed). Click on the cleaner icon, then analyze. When it has found all files, click on Run Cleaner. When finished, do the same again but this time for Registry. Click on the registry icon in ccleaner to remove obsolete registry files and entries. When you have finished with ccleaner, defrag your drive. When defrag is done, install Batman Arkham Asylum back on.

When installed, start the game from DVD. It should ask you for the product code the first time you enter the main menu and play. Like the above post, be careful when inputting and take care of the numbers. Obviously always keep the BAA DVD in the drive at all times when playing!

If that don't work, try it on another computer or laptop (but don't enter the code), and see if the product code comes up. If it does, then maybe something is preventing it come up in the first place. Try disabling your firewall or allow the game access to the net.

If that don't work or it doesn't show up on other machines, then it could also mean that maybe your disk is faulty. I would suggest you to take it back with all receipts and get another copy. Explain your situation to them. If they don't move, ask to see the manager. You will surprised on how many times it gets resolved when taking it up with the right authority! :D

11th Oct 2009, 03:17
Thanks Ammoh,

I will try as you've said. It sounds like it would work. I will report back my results tomorrow since I'm not able to give it a shot right now.

11th Oct 2009, 10:35
Just wanted to update; that worked perfectly. Thanks Ammoh.

I used Revo Uninstaller, then CCleaner. I didn't even reboot the PC at any time. I just tried re-installing it immediately and it worked fine. I am now successfully able to log into LIVE.

However, I did insert a step between using CCleaner and re-installing the game:
I opened up GFWL client and cleared all profile data it had on my PC. I don't know why it would have anything regarding BAA on it, since the only other GFWL I have is Street Fighter 4.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your input. Problem solved :-)

11th Oct 2009, 11:49
nice one, glad you got it sorted.

11th Oct 2009, 13:02
No worries, glad I could help! :thumb: Have a great time playing Batman Arkham Asylum! :D