View Full Version : Identity Crisis

10th Oct 2009, 18:00
Anyone read it? Liked it? I think a good batman/JLA crossover game minus the Mortal Kombat take, would be good. Chapters would play out like a graphic novel with a lot of variation thrown in.

I know I spelled Identity wrong, but I can't edit the title.

10th Oct 2009, 18:20
Sadly i haven't read it, but indeed a Justice League game would be awesome. There was 1 game like that with Ron Pearlman as Batman. Sadly i haven't heard much praise about it, but a game like MUA1 with DC characters would be really welcomed. :thumb:

PS. I fixed the thread title for you. :)

PS2. Infact i haven't read a single Crisis story. I won't even count Final Crisis since i only checked the Batman stuff related to it.

10th Oct 2009, 18:31
Thanks for fixing that Drazar. Identity Crisis is neat for getting you into some of the other characters. Sort of a mystery about the elongated man.